My Story

I had ultherapy done at Aesthetic Laser Care in Seal Beach, California which is the most advertised Ultherapy office in the United States and claim to have the best prices. The clinic is run by Dr. Mike Lafkas, who claims to use the latest technology, but in reality, they dont even have the 1.5 transducer. Here’s my story…..

“Ultherapy Ruined My Looks”

If you’ve landed on this page, I take it that you’re considering getting Ultherapy, or you’ve already had it, and it ruined your face. I pray that it is the former. Ultherapy is “non-invasive” procedure that is commonly referred to as a “Painful Facial” and “A lunch-time Lift.” It uses ultrasound to create this magic and “turn back the clock.”  ”Lifting” and “toning” is what Ultherapy claims to do. Here is

Ultherapy is a non-surgical lifting procedure for the face and neck that uses tried-and-true ultrasound technology to gradually strengthen your skin from deep within. In less than an hour – and without any downtime – you’ll be well on your way to tighter, better-fitting skin.

A little bit about me….I’m an actress and a comic who just turned 41 years old. I’ve never been symmetrical, but I had great bone structure, big playful eyes and possessed a unique look. I have a comedy show that I do, and am very active in theater, film and TV.  My looks mean a lot to me. I know we are not supposed to admit, that, but it’s true. The reality is that I didn’t need Ultherapy. I had a tight jaw, and nothing was hanging on my face, but I wanted to stave off few years, and “delay” aging. I thought I would look exactly like myself, just a little better.  That’s the idea right?

So, I went down to a clinic in Seal Beach, California, and coughed up $1900 clams for this new and exciting technology.  A Registered Nurse did the deed and it hurt, but I didn’t care. I was excited for the results. The treatment took a bit over an hour, and I didn’t have any swelling afterwards, just some strange numbness, and nerve tingling for a month. I didn’t think much of it.

Ultherapy hypes itself as “natural” because you “build your own collagen.” Basically, Ultherapy cooks the SMAS layer of the face to 150 degrees, damaging it, so it can repair itself (build collagen) and lift.  Unfortunately, what they do not disclose is the fact that Ultherapy also burns fat, and the results from Ultherapy are highly unpredictable. So here you have fat loss, and collagen growth and no way to direct where on the face this will happen. It is out of the doctor’s hands as well. So potentially, you could grow collagen on the bottom of your cheeks and lose fat all around your eye sockets. Can you see how this would be aesthetically unharmonious? But I digress, back to the story.

I’m 2 months post treatment…

Oh my God! I see some brow lifting!!! This shit actually works.  Can it lift my tits? What about my ass? If I do it twice, will I look 4 years younger instead of two?  This is the Ultherapy honeymoon phase, and oh how sweet it is.

I’m 3 months post treatment.

I can’t take a good picture. I know all the angles of my face and I can ALWAYS take a good picture, so what’s going on? Am I aging this quickly? Must be this new camera phone…and this one…

Month 4.

…I’m still me, but my head is tiny. Am I shrinking?  I look frail and delicate. I still have my bone structure and eyes in tact, but my face looks so small.  Maybe it’s this camera phone.

Month 4.5

…The diarrhea hits the fan. The left side of my face, which has always been smaller, is really small. I mean it’s just one high cheekbone that slopes into nothingness. The areas around my eyes are all hollow, and the nasolabial folds around my mouth are deep as ditches! It looks like I have lost a lot of weight. I haven’t! Something is very wrong.


before and after.eyes shrink, change color, need bi-lateral ptosis surgery

Month 5

….”I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so.” I notice that my eyes look squinty!  My eye sockets are so small, that it looks and feels like my eyeballs are being held hostage by the skin that surrounds them! The corners are tight and pinched, and the whites are not showing nearly as much anymore. I have a COMPLETELY different eye shape. I try to pry them open with my fingers, but I can’t. There is no wiggle room whatsoever. My eyes are sealing up. It’s so tight that my eyeballs water. I want to take a knife and slit the skin around them and set them free! My forehead is tight too, and it’s pulling my eye sockets upwards.  I’ve always had big playful eyes, and now they are beady and mean. I don’t recognize myself, at all! My smile is UGLY, because have zero fat around my eyes and mouth and I’m ALL NOSE! Where is my sexiness, my funniness, my Joie de Vivre?

These are the bad times…


Month 5.. face melts off

Month 5-6-

“ I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.” (Alice in Wonderland) The changes are rapid now, and there’s no denying that my face is fucked. I sink into a dark depression, but am panicked at the same time. My left eye is doing some really weird stuff. It is small and strange. My right eye is unfamiliar as well. I’m a different person. I keep tying to find “Me” in my face, but I cant, she’s not there.

I hit the Real Self boards, scouring for information. There are dozens of women who were botched by Ultherapy whose faces now hang. I thought that only happened to people who did Thermage? I thought Ultherapy was safe, and proven to leave your fat unharmed?  I post questions to doctors, like the desperate woman that I am, asking about the eye change situation. “Will it go back? Will my eyes and face go back to normal? Will it wear off? Will it? Will it?  Huh? Is it possible to have fat injections over my eyebrows, and above my lips? Can you tell me WHY this is happening? Do I have to live with these slits as eyes now? IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?”

The only answer I receive is, “That’s not a known side effect of Ultherapy.” What about all of the other women that this happened to? Do you think I’m making this up? Don’t you want to report my adverse reactions to Ultherapy? Don’t piss in my ear and call it rain fuck tards! But no, they all parrot the same Ultherapy jargon they learned at their one- day seminar. “That’s not a known side effect of Ultherapy.” What do you expect?  They are on the payroll.  Eventually they refuse to answer any of my questions, as I’m bad for business. “I won’t be ignored Dan!”

My review on Real Self is garnering a lot of attention, and I have dissuaded many people from going through with treatment (I hope I don’t get wacked). I can’t stress the importance of sharing your experience on Real Self enough. They have had 50 million unique visitors since last year and are a major factor in whether Ultherapy sinks or swims. Don’t forget your life jackets suckers.

Long story short, I tried to preserve my looks with Ultherapy, and wound up hitting the accelerator to 200 miles per hour, straight into a brick wall.   The days are going by and I don’t recognize myself. I’m gone. POOF! My smile, my expression, my eyes, my beauty…ME! GONE. I’m terrified!  I feel like I’m in some fucked up Twilight Zone episode. I don’t know what to do. I can run but I can’t hide. This new face with small mean eyes follows me wherever I go. “Get lost!” “Beat it! “You are not real!”  I want to scream, But It is real. It is. I feel so desperate and alone. Every day is a new surprise. I can’t even drink my way out of this one. It’s too depressing. I need solutions, answers!

I spend my days housebound in isolation. The Real Self blog is all I have. Oh how I want to be my “real self “again. I loved her. I should have told her more often, I didn’t want her to go away. I didn’t think I was going to kill her!  Come back!!! Let’s laugh. Let’ s take sexy selfies, let’s do it all!!!!  But I can’t. She’s gone.

I spend the next 6 weeks having full -blown panic attacks and my eyes are really starting to look bizarre. I feel like Jeff Goldblum in the third act of “The Fly.  Should I puke on a donut and eat it? Where’s Geena Davis when you need her?

I go to the clinic where the Ultherapy was performed, and I see the nurse and hug her because I’m so scared. They take an after picture, and when I see the results, I almost fall off of my chair. My worst fears are confirmed. My bright gorgeous eyes are tiny, hooded, retracted, and pulled all over the place. My head has shrunk like Beetle Juice. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

The nurse looks shocked and says, “This isn’t supposed to happen” but doctor says,“ You look toned.” That’s what they tell you by the way. It must be in the Ultherapy handbook.

Chapter 10. (What to Say to Botched Patients)

1.”You look toned.”

2. “Ultherapy melted your fillers and you are not used to seeing yourself this way.”

3. “Err…we seem to have LOST your before pictures. That’s right. They are claiming to have lost my pictures.

Month 6.5, I’m puffing up so much, but only on the right side of my face. I can actually FEEL the puff coming on. The left side is gaunt hanging. There is almost ZERO fat on my face. It’s like someone threw me in the dryer. Heat shrinks right? It shrunk my muscles and my fat and my eye-sockets. The only place collagen is growing is over my classy cheekbones, which are now large and flat.  My face is like a sheet of paper? I have no contour whatsoever, and my left eye, which used to be the bigger one, looks small and crazy. I used to part my hair to the side like Veronica Lake exposing it.  Sultry Bitch! Damn it!

I see an oculoplast. “So I did this thing called Ultherapy and my eyes shrunk…help!” The surgeon diagnoses me with ptosis of the left eye and says that I need surgery. He says that there was always a higher brow on my left side, so the muscle may have been weaker to begin with. “This may be true, but my eyes were stunning, and I don’t give a rat’s ass about a higher brow!” He can’t understand me though. He only sees the small eye that droops before him. I try to EXPALIN to him.  “THESE ARE NOT MY EYES!!!! My eyes are big and vivacious, not small and misshaped. “Surgery is the only way to fix it.” He insists.

He’s a skilled artist, but doesn’t know shit about Ultherapy. The funny thing is, neither does anyone else. The company is owned by Mertz Pharmaceuticals, and they are selling this Fisher Price technology to anyone with a medical license and letting anyone with a bachelor’s degree use it.

I’m now inconsolable. My eyes are pulling so tight that they hurt, especially when I try to look up. Did it shrink my forehead muscle, limiting my movement?  I have no temporal fat, even after the fillers, which cost me $1300 bucks at another office. . I’m having a nervous breakdown. I beg him to do something to get me to the next stop. He puts one syringe of Boletero in my upper eyelids for $1500 big ones (I thought it would be half of that cost). I didn’t have enough dough, so I had to give him my credit card over the phone later that night.  I spent $2800 in 2 days.

I’m a comic, but I don’t feel funny at all. Not with this boney face and small eyes.  Am I destined for a career, playing villains named Ming for the rest of my life?  I cancel all of my appointments that relate to being in front of a camera.

To be robbed of my “look “from a 90 -minute “painful facial” in a single afternoon is still so inconceivable.

I’m still in shock, and it still seems surreal, like a bad acid trip. I avoid mirrors, cameras, and photos of me from 6 months ago.

6.5 Months post treatment, and I see another surgeon.  He believes Ultherapy should only be used to melt double chins. Good call. He thinks that I should wait 6 more months (1 year post treatment) to see if anything regenerates. I try to summon my inner octopus. He recommends fat grafting starting at the scalp to help lift things, but that comes risks. The thought of looking like a Neanderthal scares me, but I am grateful to be HEARD by someone who knows Ultherapy is dangerous.  I leave the appointment hopeful.

I spend my nights massaging my head with my vibrator, which I have lubed up with arnica oil to get things moving. Did I mention I’m single? I apply surgical tape on top of my eyebrows in hopes of stretching open my lids.  The loss of fat has caused looseness around my eyes, which makes me look sad and weary. The left side of my face will need more filler to catch up to the ever -growing right side. My chin looks like a paddle too, all flat with no contour.

If you were to see me, you would think I look fine. You wouldn’t know me any other way. My friends say I look different, but not bad. My one friend said that he likes my “new Asian look.” Thanks Steve, but I want the other woman back. The woman I’ve known her for 41 years. I don’t want this thin-faced lady with the small eyes. I want the girl with the curl, all champagne, and giggles.

Watching your face change is scary and losing your beauty so quickly, before your very eyes is a nightmare. You can’t stop it and you can’t get any answers. Talk about feeling out of control!   A lot of psychological issues pop up.  Someone said it sounds like I have “Body Dysmorphic Disorder,” I said, “No, it’s actually Body Pro-morhic Disorder, because it’s REALLY happening.” Perhaps it should be added to the DSM.

In conclusion, Ultherapy is Very DESTRUCTIVE. It will not help you stay young, but will AGE you and take away the essence that is YOU, your personality, your eyes, and your character. It lifts for a few months and then it sags, leaving you running for MORE Ultherapy. Cha-Ching!

Take a close look at Ultherapy before and after’s, and NOT the same ones Ultherapy uses over and over again. Do they really look younger, or just different? The eyes are usually smaller with the corners lifted.  The forehead almost ALWAYS becomes convex. In other words, your forehead profile will become flat, not nice curved like Natalie Portman.  I call it the classic “Ultherapy face,” and I can spot it a mile away. A lot of celebrities have done it and something is off. They have lost their spark. I am hoping to get mine back.

Ladies. Please be careful. If you have a fat face and you want to thin it out. Ultherapy may be useful for you. Most people have zero results and are bent about the cash, some people are happy, and others got jacked like myself. I created this blog because I’ve never felt more scared and alone. They haven’t figured out the kinks in the technology yet.  Please take care and thanks for reading my story.


  1. Sarah Timperley

    I had ultherapy on my eyes two weeks ago it was a terrible decision. I went to Dr Nyla for botox , however before I knew it I was lay on the bed having this terrible therapy. It has not given any good results, just puffy small eyes and my skin tone has changed I am dreading what the next months have in store.

  2. Katie

    Thank you so much! You have no idea how you saved me today. I was thinking about Ulthera for couple of months now and was about to schedule one today! Thank God I decided to google about it one more time. My heart ached for all of you ladies who were hurt by this procedure and you are in my thoughts and prayers. One thing for sure…we really have to love ourselves more. I’m sticking to natural way of keeping myself beautiful and younger and I will start with the best of them all—being grateful and happy just the way I am. Sending love to everyone! Remember you are beautiful!

    • James Swift

      I think there is an empty bed in an asylum somewhere with your name on it.

      • Ultherapy Sucks

        hey james. no but thanks to you there is a new blog coming your way!!! see ya 9 dollar troll

  3. AJ

    Thank you for posting your experience. I too have had both good and bad cosmetic treatments/surgery. I know your pain girlfriend.

  4. HG

    WHY didn’t Uma Thurman, Renee Zellweger, or Courtney Cox stand up and say something about this EVIL company (Ulthera), that is turning women into lizards at an alarming rate?!! Ulthera needs to stop face raping women! And for the celebs who were butchered and didn’t warn the rest of us- you are all massive JERKS!!!! Because the celebs didn’t speak up, the rest of us are being butchered.

  5. Bella

    I feel very sad because these devices are not banned.
    I had microneedling damage my made my skin look terrible. It is similar to laser damage. Almost six years I seeked help.
    I finally found a doctor, Timothy J. Marten in San Francisco whose work looked great and who said he can fix my face problem. He was only supposed to get tid of my extra sagging topical skin and do a temple lift. I believed he was a good doctor and I even refered other damaged to seek help from him. He usually uses fat injections but I had managed to grow fat on my face so I did not want those.

    Omg. I wish I could go back in time. This T Marten was the second worst mistake after microneedling. He destroyed me on purpose. He did too much in a way that I look awful. Instead of fat injections, he sucked fat out of my face and lips. After my visit to hus facility my breasts nipples lack sensation. Seems like all body oarts where sexual pleasure comes is destroyed. This is a true nightmare. I flew from another country to get help from this best profedsional. And he harmed me. Also he destroyed my nose. I have seen rhinoplasty specialists and they say it costs over 12000 to fix my nose.
    Also my jawline and neck is so very skinny that it chokes me.

    People be careful whom you trust. I wish no one faces this situation where a “helper” harms you even more.
    Be safe!

  6. Abigale

    Oh sorry – one more thing regarding Asaxanthin – I’m reading that it should be taken with food & a multivitamin plus a krill oil supplement — or some such Omega 3 — for optimal absorption.

  7. Abigale

    Oh – also that link above was pasted from my mobile – but I switched it to “Desktop Site” mode to copy it. So if it doesn’t load correctly (if ur on mobile reading here) then try switching your mobile to Desktop Site mode. Regardless – a quick google search with those terms will bring it up 4sure! 😉

  8. Abigale

    Oh Girl! Thank you for speaking up and telling the truth here! I truly believe you have done an amazing thing by standing up & telling it like it is -and stopped *countless* ppl from making a terrible mistake!

    Like some of your commenters have noted, I also think Micro-Needling may help. They have different types. has lots of good info on it.

    Also I read about Astaxanthin. Its a super anti-oxidant that may help skin repair. Evidently it needs to be the natural form to be most helpful.

    Heres a link to an article I read about it in Huffington Post. When I read it I thought of you & your readers – so I came back to post about it in hopes it may help! I hope the link posts correctly bc I’m on mobile here – but if not just google *Huffington Post Astaxanthin*.

    p.s. & SOOOO agree with the comment saying you should write a book bc u really do have a great way of saying things! Your humor, in all it’s “expressions”, has the ability to BURN THEM! U come across **fierce**! U go girrrrl!!

  9. Donna

    THANK YOU for sharing this nightmare. I just went to a well respected plastic surgeon yesterday to have a sunspot checked on my face. We discussed fraxel to even out the area, ultherapy was also mentioned as a way to freshen my skin. I research everything…so glad I did. These stories are horrifying! It’s a DEFINITE NO to this procedure. I’m happy with my appearance (outside of a couple sunspots) I don’t want to “lose” my face. I pray for you and all the ladies battling through this. You are saving hundreds of women by sharing. Stay strong!

  10. Zuzana Slámková

    My face is become slim like the face of people who lived in concentrations camp. My eyelids are so large and heavy, that they closes my eyes. What can I do? Wait? Eat more. I am 37 years old. Nobody told me I am too young for such a treatment. Too late. I need now somebody who will find out a new machine for face muscle training 🙂 That my face become a volume. I hope I wouldn´t look like Schwarzenegger:)

  11. Meezer

    This is one of Dr. Oz’s miracles, brought to the women of America out of the goodness of his heart (she said with dripping sarcasm…). Dr. Oz is a money-grubbing fraud who has jumped onto the wealth and fame train and is only interested in making a buck shilling whatever he thinks the gullible and vain and youth-obsessed will latch onto next. He offers the promise of eternal youth, complete freedom from disease, it’s all so wonderful that no one stops to consider if what he is saying sounds reasonable and true. If the guy presented the greatest breakthrough in medical history two months ago, and now he’s excited to tell you about the greatest breakthrough in medical history, you can be sure that he wouldn’t know a medical breakthrough if it bit him in the gluteus maximus. Real caring doctors offer their patients the best of their medical knowledge by presenting the options and making sure the patient understands the downside to every treatment completely before any action is taken. Basically, if it sounds to good to be true, in most cases it is.

  12. Johnd570

    It’s perfect time to make some plans for the long run and it is time to be happy. I have learn this publish and if I may I want to suggest you few attentiongrabbing things or advice. Maybe you could write next articles regarding this article. I desire to read even more things about it! dekdggdedeee

  13. KT Jones

    Hi TBone….I hope things are ok with you. I was looking for you on FB and see the page is down. I hope you are in Mexico getting your stem cell treatments and didn’t take another turn for the worse. Miss you and hope things are starting to improve…..Prayers and hugs sent your way!

  14. Sandra

    I had Ultherapy treatment around my mouth and jaw line, what a mistake. This treatment has changed my jawline. I have sagging and a bit of a nodule. This treatment ruins your true facial feature. I am so upset, the hype of “natural” is a gimmick! THis process speeds the aging underneath your skin and you have bumps and sagging, possible from collagen build up? I do not recommend this to anyone!

  15. Marie

    Thank you for this honest review. Had just made an appointment yesterday,
    I am cancelling my appointment. I may be aging but I do like my own face
    as you said each face has its own unique character. Why all strive for the same
    look especially with the risks of the potential hazards. Worst yet the so called
    qualified doctors selling these procedures just go on and on about how one will
    look better and hardly touch on any of the dangers. They just barely mention
    a few possible side effects and then say these are only temporary.

    • Tbone

      Read up on Ultrasound and Ion Calcium Channels. If Aesthetic Laser Care helped me instead of ignoring me and hidinb my photos, or if Ultherapy sent me to the science dept to help me w this Franken Facial, but they did NOT. Death By HIFU.
      By far the most torturous deaths of all. Crossed blood brain barrier.
      The neurotransmitters were affected and put me in a seizure that was fueling the burning of my flesh.
      I was being stranggled by the 12 cranial nerves at the same time. If they had pointed me in the right direction and told me to see a neurologist to get seizure medication, I possibly could have stopped burning alive.
      Mike P. Lafkas was using the old program most likely, and upselling lines for 3 dollars and put me in critical condition and burned me alive w a janky computer.

      See Aesthetic Laser Care Yelp for photos.

      Everyone involved w this is sick
      My lids and lashes are burned off, and my organs are tired.

      I am surviving the best I can.

      Ultherap should have made sure people had training and were upgraded and buying trans from the company, but they could not be bothered.

      They let these maniacs at Aesthetic Laser care kill someone.

      They did nothing to prevent it and nothing to help me.

    • Tbone

      If you are having problems w Ultherapy…get to a Neuro asap, even tho ur head is melting off.

      Wish I had.

      Untreated seizure almost 2 years , head injury, cranial pressure to where I almost stroked out, ischemic face and brain, Glutamine storm which kept me burning alive…

      Are we having FUN YET?

      Should be dead by all logic.

      See the best Neuro in the country and best Oculoplast.

      All that inflammation wrecked brain and neurons/neuro transmitters.


      I will make a list of doctors who are familiar w these new problems they are seeing w Ultherapy Disease.

      Need to add it to medical books.


    • Tbone

      Another woman rushed to the ER 3 days after Ultherapy, incapacitated in NYC.

      Keep in Rockin’ in the Free World.

      Who still touches that thing?


      No result is the BEST result.

    • Tbone

      I was burned alive. I can no longer take this torture. I had a lethal reaction and no one helped me. I was tasered to the ground while this thing ripped me apart. I have been incapacitated for 2 years. I was killed in 2014 by an ultherapy computer.
      My brain was fried and my Central nervous system.
      I put up the fight of my life.
      I am now taking my life, like others have before me.
      Thank you for reading this.

      I had a SEVERE adverse reaction.

      The company said the spa was ok.

      My body did not like this toxin.

      what a waste of a woman.


  16. Sharika

    Thank you , for your honest review . I’m going for lpg entomologie treatment. I heard a burn victim benefited from this treatment where it reversed apoptosis
    Anyway how is everyone doing?

    • Tbone

      I write a part 2 to the blog. I wish the story ended when the blog did. I wound up in critical condition. Face took on a life of it’s own. I was paralyzed w electricity.
      I continued to burn alive. Every cell. One mistake cost me my life. Organs fried. It’s the novel of the century.
      Everyone involved w this is a negligent criminal. Yes. Critial condition. 9 eye doctors alone. The medical community is mortified. How did I get here from something I was not even a candidate for? Why was I marketed to or treated ?

      Who puts 15k burns in someone’s face and is not arrested?

      They hid what it was.

      Fighting for my life

      This is disgraceful.

      • AC18


        Do you have that Facebook page called Ultherapy ruined my face? I love that page and it hasn’t been up for a couple days that I have looked. I was looking into getting Ultherapy but this blog and that Facebook page really changed my mind…so Thank You!

      • aladedino

        What happened to your facebook page ? I’m very worried about you!!!!
        I’m praying for you!!! Please let us know how things are going and open up the facebook again, it helped HUNDREDS of women if not many more!!!

      • Shirl

        I am so sorry, to hear of. You plight-may GOD bless you!! I thank you for sharing your story-I was considering this procedure until I read you story. Oh, my GOD I cannot even imagine-when I first started reading I thought you were a gifted writer-& maybe embellishing just a little because of your writing flair..attributed it to your comedic background..then as I read more I became horrified-I am so sorry this happened to you, Thank you for your bravery and sharing your story-you may have saved my face! I will pray for you.

      • Julie

        Wow! I’m so sorry! I hope you are doing better. I can’t believe this! It’s so terrible! I will pray for you.

  17. Kyrah

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    • Tbone

      I wish I had Herpes…unfortunately, I have Ultherapy…The Big U
      Worst man made disease alive. KILL FOR HERPES, HIV, and a missing leg.

    • Tbone

      Herpes? I’d rather live in an outbreak 24/7 than this shit show.

  18. Sam

    OH> MY> GOD>! I was signed up for this! THANK YOU! Thank you thank you so much for sharing all of this with me. I left the clinic yesterday saying in my head i just needed to do extra research to make sure I know exactly what I:m getting into. I am 47, full pretty face, no lines, good genes, my mom looked incredibly young until she passed at 67. This would have been a proactive procedure for me.

    Thank you for stopping the potential disaster and saving me! CRIME! I will spread the world and confront my doctor! Such madness! So Sorry


  19. Laura

    I have had Ultherapy three times in the past six years and absolutely love the procedure. I am 44 years old and I think this procedure is the only one out there that helps to build collegen and keep me looking youthful. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is looking for something non surgical, in addition to Botox and fillers. I have never seen any loss of fat in the areas I’ve had treated and if this is the case, then you should be posting your before and after pictures so we can see your real results.

    • d em

      agreed, It is difficult to imagine her results without seeing pictures. Not that I doubt things went wrong… I would like to see the results too

      • Ultherapy Sucks

        I almost died. My body, Central nervous system, brain went into shock. I could not get help. I needed a neurologist. Several wn are getting serious neuro/autoimmune problems.
        I will put up a new blog w photos per ur request. I was not a candidate for this garbage. I was trying to arch one brow only but the nurse is mentally delayed. The toxic 170 degrees sound waves poisoned my brain, CNS, immune system, etc pix soon.

      • Tbone

        pix coming ur way per ur request Troll.

    • Tbone

      final results? I have had 100 faces, all of them warped. I thought the same as you and was looking forward to my results. Did not think I would be a disabled, and have 4th degree burns.
      Worst spa in the world, but Ulthera stand behind them.
      warped science. Too close to the brain…and ears. The Ultherapy is toxic to a clean body.

      I know a lot of women who became very ill, neuro probs, etc.

      We are all similar…yoga, Vegitarian diet, etc…

      Fucked for life, all to look like a man lizard..


  20. Lurking

    This was a comment I posted on Realself blog when moderators suggested “talking to doctors” about laser damage;

    Doctors will not answer damaged victims in the Q&A. First, they do not know how to treat damaged or burnt skin (no research yet- we are the pioneers/test samples). Secondly, to do so is to admit liability and them open up for lawsuits and/or court appearances for patients.

    I worked at a Level One Trauma hospital, and saw several different Chicago MDs (dermatologists, plastic surgeons, burn MDs, and Internal Medicine) from reputable clinics in the span of three months who all refused to treat me, prescribe or diagnose, or take photos. Each one would simply refer me to some one else. I searched for treatment after my creamy, thick beautiful skin with mild rosacea, was burnt by a laser at a Chicago Medspa.

    A month after treatment, I noticed that my skin had an overall severe dryness, swelling (under skin, erythema, hot, tight feel) and a new orange peel texture where it had been glass smooth. The oil glands didn’t work, and neither did my sweat glands- I work out and only eyeballs sweat (where laser didn’t hit). My skin was red and hot and had a crawling sensation all day. I panicked and went back to the medspa and was told by the nurse practitioner that this would ‘go away’ and be gentle with my skin. They stopped taking my calls after seeing my face on that visit, and offered no refund. Two weeks passed and the condition was way worse, and I was STRESSED. My coworkers noticed that I now had “little holes all over my face” hyper and hypo pigmentations of red & white striped areas. I panicked and I saw Dr. M. (plastic surgeon), who told me to use aquafor and stay away from lasers and see a dermatologist. (I have since heard this traps heat inside face). Next, I called NMH Dermatology Dr. Y, who saw me for only three minutes, didn’t treat me, and referred me to Dr. G (dermatology laser MD). He was very surprised that I wasn’t treated a week prior at the clinic, and stated that I had severe redness/inflammation and texture changes, (especially after seeing my before pictures) and suggesting I go back to original hospital to get some thing topical or oral for the swelling. I made an appt. with first available Dermatologist, Dr. A, who looked at me and stated “I can’t do any thing for you” and walked away?! My face was meanwhile boiling hot and deteriorating, milia every where. No meds, no relief. I’m going crazy. Looking at billboards for stem cell research and the miracles they perform- for organs & diseases- but not skin? I called a burn center, and they told me the next available appointment was weeks away for outpatients. So, next I called Dr. M. (dermatologist) who asked me “Cant you see any one from your own insurance group?” I told her I already did. She looked at me, told me she didn’t know what to do, and that I still ‘looked ok” ? I called her office the next day on a hunch, strangely curios as to why the doctors are acting so FUNNY/STRANGE/QUIET…and the women that answered the phone said “Yes she saw you and said you had scarring.” OMG. I called a facial plastic surgeon, and they listened to my voice mail, and didn’t call back. I showed up at their front desk and the receptionist informed me the doctor is not seeing laser patients. I also contacted Doctor MK, NYC Laser specialist. She told me to see Dr. MA (who I already saw!) & said that ‘lasers are tricky- like tattoos, about a hundred dollars to get and several thousand to fix, results not guaranteed.” The next day, I drove to a different Medspa to see a plastic surgeon (out of pocket, for consultation, photos, diagnosis that had alluded me so far.) Dr. P nodded empathetically, and said that the risks were not presented to me. MDs are trained to do risk/benefit analysis and present that information, and also do spot test patches and test areas to minimize adverse reactions, whereas the lesser qualified medspas do not… after explaining all this, he gave me back my check and chart and stated “nobody knows what to do with laser reactions and nobody wants to be summoned to court. ” I see. Is this the reason no one was treating me? I needed treatment! I called my internal med MD JN, who sympathetically agreed that my skin did indeed change, and the orange peel texture is visible to the naked eye (in case the physicians were charting that they ‘don’t see damage’ as they were saying to me- as if I had munchausen!) , and he would chart it electronically in the record. He agreed that I needed immediate help, and he gave me a prescription for xanax, arranged a phycology consult, but, no prescription for my skin. No steroids or topicals. He offered to sign me up for disability for mental stress. I purchased emu oil, tumeric pills, honey masks, used aloe, nothing was working. I also took some anti-allergy for itching and ibuprofen for inflammation, but this is not a long term solution.

    As a last resort, I used the emergency room (where you legally have to be treated) for emergency dermatology consult. By this point I was had tremors, a shaky voice, and was vomiting daily. The ED doc drug tested me, (suspecting METH! because of my face, ha ha!) found nothing, and then figured out I was disappointed in “the Dermatology Department” for failure to act on my scarring. I called KN in the hospital Ethics Department to report the lack of treatment. The Psych ED MD told me (I forgot her name but its all over my chart of course) that is typical in a psych crisis. I was prescribed anti anxiety and anti nausea medicine with a prescription for a psychological consult. I got a three day pass from work and met with therapist. I then met with Dr. M. who told me to take anti inflammatory meds and follow up with him in a month. I told my supervisor why I missed work, and she asked me if I watched the show “BOTCHED” about plastic surgery gone awry. I quit my job, packed a Uhaul and moved to my rural home town, with no real plans on how to live with my ‘new normal’.

    That was my journey with reporting laser damage to physicians. During this entire ordeal, I also received a timely postcard from now bankrupt and out of business “American Laser Skincare” stating that they are destroying all of their medical records. Although this is not where I had laser, my curiosity was piqued and I googled the laser companies terrible reviews in Consumer Affairs. I also found this peer reviewed research article in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA, February 2013) titled “Malpractice Laser Surgery Lawsuits Surge”. The article states “The specific injuries were burns in 47% of cases, scars in 39%, and changes in pigment in 24%. There also often were complaints of emotional distress and lower quality of life.” I wish google would have shown this page first in online searches when we were contemplating the laser. Unfortunately, you have to dig for this information on the internet, usually after you put in a qualifier “laser + damage” which finally brings you to RealSelf. Thousands of us could have been saved from damages.

  21. H

    Hi, I’m 25 years old and I was considering getting ultherapy done under my chin to tighten that area and make my neck/chin more defined. I’ve seen some good pictures online of other young women who’ve had it done to only their under chin-area with nice results. I’m worried though that the laser might damage my jaw and/or teeth? Is that possible? The clinic I enquired said they are having a special for 300 cc’s for $500 for under the chin. What does 300 cc’s mean? Someone said earlier that ultherapy should only be done for treating double chins so do you think I should do it? If so what specifications of radiation/temperature should I request as to not cause damage?

  22. Cindy Kruger

    Oh my goodness, my heart breaks for all of you who’s faces have been damaged by lasers. I can’t imagine the hell you’re going through because your face cannot be hidden from the world. It must be so traumatic and scary. I wish that all laser machines were banned because it’s playing Russian Roulette with people’s lives. I’m praying to God that every single one of you gets healed and that your faces are somehow restored. Reading all these reviews has upset me so much – you are all victims of a corrupt money making industry. I’m so very sorry for all of you. It’s just too terrible for words to explain. Please Jesus heal all these special, beautiful souls and restore their faces to how they were before they had Ultherapy. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Xx

    • Tbone

      I was electrocuted, vapped, carbonized , with my eye sockets near my ear burne alive and left for dead…..the med spa could not even give me the GRACE of upgrading to Amplify and training
      I would be just blind and ruined. Not in critical condition.
      They marketed to kids
      …w amolify
      ..the place I went to was using it on baby eleohants
      She should have LAFFED at me.
      Was tiny
      Instead she created a FATALITY.
      I am no bigger than a 12 year-old.
      Its for old saggy jaws and tripple ass chins. These maniacs used old machine on my tiny face and carbonated me.
      They are all hiding like rats. The beauty burned alive…the electric beauty. …
      Zero Patient selection. GREED.

  23. Sofi Garcia

    i’m so sorry!!!! i want to thank you for posting this, just today i went to the dermatologist for something unrelated and saw the signs for it. i’ve been wanting to do something about my neck, but no way would i go close to that thing!
    I really hope things turn around for you!!

  24. Amanda

    I can’t thank you enough for being so brave and so selfless.
    You didn’t have to share your story. You could have hidden away.
    I was booked to do Ultherapy in a few weeks.
    I have just cancelled the appointment.

    I go to a really good clinic in Australia who have been doing my filler and botox for years and they recommended Ultherapy.
    I always see one of 2 Drs. The first Dr said to me: “You can’t get the Ultherapy done while you have filler in your face as it will melt it”
    I thought to myself …. Well, that can’t be good.
    At my next Botox appointment, I was booked with the other Dr (the one that does the Ultherapy).
    I said to her: “Dr X said I might benefit from Ultherapy, but that it will melt my filler”.
    Dr #2 says to me: “Well, that’s not the case”
    She asked me how often I have filler and I told her every 6 months normally.
    She then says to me: “Well, then it doesn’t matter if the Ultherapy affects your filer because you were going to get filler regularly anyway, so you’ll just get more filler – It will make no difference”.
    She then had me book in for the Ultherapy.

    On reflection I think to myself: Hang on, so does it, or does it not melt the filler? First she said it doesn’t melt the filler, and then she said that it wouldn’t matter because I could just get more filler.
    I was confused.

    I then jumped on line and researched Ultherapy.

    RealSelf recently saved me from a thread lift and now RealSelf, and sites like this one, have saved me from Ultherapy.

    I have NO doubt, after all that I’ve read, that I would end up like so many women I have seen with melted faces. I have no doubt at all.
    I have a lovely plump face and filler has just added where it needed to on top of that.
    If I had gone with Ultherapy I would have aged at least 10 years as I have thin skin already and good fat reserves (not to mention that filler).

    So, not only does it melt filler, but it melts your own face as well!

    I am so sorry for all the women who have suffered through this butchery.
    I would have been one of you had you not all spoken up.


    • Ultherapy Sucks

      my fillers never melted, only the fat, tissue, muscle, bone, eyelids, lashes….actually they BURNED off. It is excruciating…scalp as well, brain and Central nervous system is wrecked. Now a candidate for MS and everything else. Suicidal

  25. Lucky 7

    Hi Tbone,

    I have prepaid for a Homeopathy session if you are interested. Over the years I have found great reIief with homeopathy which is why I spoke to my homeopath about you & asked her if there was something that Homeopathy can do for you. She believes that you can get some positive results with scar tissue & perhaps even a lot more. If it works for you then pass it on. You have nothing to lose by trying. The name of my homeopath is Linda & she is located in Montreal, Canada. You can Skype – phone – email. She is waiting for your call. Tell her that Mary sent you & that your session has been paid for. Tel : (514) 271-2550 or
    I wish the very best.

  26. Michelle 48

    I am shocked. I went to a dermatologist to have a small tattoo lasered off, and the Ultherapy treatment was pushed on me. I’m 48, and just in the last few years began to show signs of aging. People still guess me in my 30s, but we are our own worst critics. I was actually sold on Ultherapy and was going to proceed with putting down the cash until I googled “bad Ultherapy results”. I am 5’5″ and 120 lbs. Very little fat on my face. I fear I would have had the same horrible side effects. The lady that would have done the procedure, had extra body fat and a full face. Her skin looked great! She said she had Ultherapy 5 years ago. There are always risks with any cosmetic procedure, but I will say, none were offered during the presentation I received. I do get Botox and the risks were discussed. (This procedure was done at another doctor’ office). In conclusion, I think this blog saved me not only a chunk of change, but severe heartache. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m very sorry for what happened to you. Take care of yourself.

  27. Divya Nelson

    Hi ladies. Firstly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the very commendable and humanitarian work that you are doing on this blogsite. You will be surprised but you are saving faces and souls as far away as India! Yes, Ultratherapy is making waves here too! I almost went to my cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai and got it done but God was kind enough to lead me to your blog. I don’t my good doctor promoting this horrendous procedure that distorts and damages the faces of hapless and unsuspecting women at the very stage in their lives when they are already dealing with much insecurity from the aging process. I informed my doc of the horror stories from ultratherapy and he didn’t refute me and took my feedback positively. Yet, the ultimate credit for saving me goes to you. In return, I will spread your good message around as much as I can, in my own country.

    I am sorry for what happened to you and how this world has been treating you but this is just how the world is. If we have to stay in it, we must face it and fight it with strength, voyage and fortitude, all of which are so abundant in you. I see a great movement happening here and as someone here wrote, there is great strength in numbers. They will have to listen to us. They will have to ban this barbaric, mutilating machine.

    Lastly, especially for those who have contemplated taking their lives, please remember, we live just once, we are special, we are unoque and precious. We are more than just our faces. They who did this to us should perish, not we!

    An optimistic, positive and prayerful mind can go a very long way in helping regain our list beauty and poise. Don’t underestimate the recuperative, regenerative and self-healing powers of the human female body. We just need to be strong willed at this time. Nurture and pamper yourself to the extreme. You need it right now. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, take great vitamin supplements, sleep well (i take sedatives if I need to) , exercise, inhale deep and exhale as much as possible, cuddle your kids or pets or a loved one. Prayer/ meditation work like miracle. Look to God and keep the faith. Life is not all bad and after the dark hours, there is bound to be light.

    Sending you all much love and light.

    • Edmund McGrath

      beautifully put

    • Marie

      Earlier just wanted to thank your blog and for sharing your story also and also
      hope somehow you can recover. Would also like to thank Divya for her words
      of wisedom. Hope maybe we can all just ask ourselves what is more important if
      one has to choose, inner or outer beauty? Women all have the potential to bring a lot of positive feminine energy into our world for example caring and love. If you are
      so inclined ask yourselves If one is to pray or meditate does it matter? Try it out for
      awhile and see for yourselves, you may find yourselves absolutely glowing from

      • Tbone

        I’m fighting for my life. I don’t have yje luxury to worry about looks.
        Call Aesthetic Laser Care
        ..sociopath Mike P. Lafkas and dick whipped nurse, Marianne Carruth.
        He does slick things and she believes it..
        Surprised her husband has not stepped in after he had her kill a woman for 3 dollars. Sad LOT.

  28. anon

    If ANYONE can help you it’s Dr. John Gatti in Cherry Hill, NJ

  29. tbone

    If you want to see more pics, google, Aesthetic Laser Care Yelp, Seal Beach, CA
    Any machine even capable of doing that, needs major training standards.
    I have perfect hormones and no “wound healing” bullshit. I had a nurse with rocks for brains and they used then old machine and possibly refurbished transducers bc they are waaay to cheap to do things properly. They did not even upgrade to amplify.
    I don’t understand lawsuits and losing medical licenses…this is murder. Prison is more appropriate, Beauty Poachers, Ultherapy and Aesthetic Laser Care. What a winning combo.

  30. tbone

    Hi guys, so basically, I may die. I am not exaggerating. I’m sure my lungs and body may still work, but I will need extensive burn grafts. Katie Piper was easier to fix.
    Here’s how it happened….

    I was young and beautiful and NOT a candidate. The nurse should have laughed at me and sold me a bunch of peels and products.

    I thought it was a microcurrent from all the “gentle sound waves” horseshit and “no side-effects” crap. A doctor I trusted, suggested I do my brows bc I don’t do Botox…it was 3 months before I came into some dough, and I was excited to do it, so I saw the ad for “Aesthetic Laser Care”…they were far from Beverly Hills, so they had 40 percent cheaper prices…I eventually found out they are the biggest chop shop in the WORLD.

    Little did I know, I would die in Seal Beach, CA.

    Now that I know what Ultherapy really is, I could have designed my OWN treatment plan and would be looking fab right now.

    I wanted a brow arch. That is all. It should have been 10 lines on one brow and 15-25 on the other one, and that is IT.

    Would I trust Ultherapy for that many lines? A total of 40 lines for both brows?
    I think it would be OK.

    No more than that on the upper face, EVER.

    Now the greedy spa charges per line.

    The nurse had ZERO idea what she was doing, and I’m thinking this is a microcurrent and apparently, she thought I was 60 and 300 pounds.

    She did 47 lines (GULP)on one eyebrow and and 25 on the other and takes it upon herself to do my entire forehead (mind you I was young and was just trying to lift my one brow 2 mm with Ultherapy bc Botox makes me feel weird and gives me insomnia.).
    This was my natural alterantive, YAY!

    She does 110 lines with the older stronger machine on my tiny, Winona Ryder sized skull.

    6 weeks later, I am looking like crap in photos from this overdose.

    I panic and run back for more of the youth wand, to the same shithole, where they are too cheap to put magazines in the lobby…but since this thing has no side-effects and the clinic claims to have done HUNDREDS….I didn’t think much of it.
    I trust this woman knows what she is doing. That’s her job right?
    Here is where I die…..
    They drug me up like a baby elephant… (and they don’t even ask if I have a ride home afterwards….)
    I ask her to do the bottom of face and maybe right brow, cuc it’s still lazy..
    NOW she does another 10 lines /3mm on the right a total of 57 lines on my right brow!!!!…The eye I have lot 50 percent vision in…so far..
    Why is she listening to me???

    An Ultherapy doctor I met today, said he would have done 15 lines, MAX.

    Then she goes APE SHIT (remember, they are getting 3 bucks a line here).
    She gives me HUNDREDS more lines ALL OVER. Like a child’s drawing. I mean a ton, and DEEP as she can go.

    Mind you I am a tiny tiny thing with a slim face, and I looked 30 and was doing this for prevention!!!

    I mean this animal PLOWS me.

    The Ultherapy doctors cannot get over my “treatment plan” and said I should have been TURNED AWAY ASAP.

    It’s like an 18 year-old asking for 200 units of Botox ….
    They would have found a way to do it$$$

    What kills me is I recently saw a place on line that does Ultherapy brow arching, 35 lines a brow. for 270 bucks. That is EXACTLY what I wanted. I simply asked her to do my brows!! I wish they were not charging per line.

    They could have asked me exactly what I wanted and I would have told them, but I left it up to her.

    That whole 3 bucks per line got me in this mess, because they want to wrack up as many 3 dollars as possible.

    Yes, this is the shit I get involved with.

    Ultherapy needs to be treated like Botox, a few lines here and there.

    I don’t know why they are killing people with max dosage.

    Now what would happen to my face, was so insane, that I am now near death here.

    I had so much energy that my body could not produce collagen, esp on the forehead where we barely have any to begin with…

    I lose all blood and oxygen to my face because I was so burned, it actually burned through my skin.

    I need eyelid skin grafts and fake lashes. ( my lids were huge and lashes to DIE for)
    My face is so burned, contorted, trashed and scarred that it contracts daily, STILL.

    I have spent 120 k on doctors who can’t help me.

    I saved 500 bucks not staying in Beverly Hills and will have that written on my epitaph…(Which maybe read sooner than later).

    “Should Have Stayed In Beverly Hills!”

    I’m using the day before I had Ultherapy as my death date, because that is when I was last seen.

    I want to rip my face off because I am still tightening from burn contractures. My big gorgeous eyes are tiny and still shrink daily.
    I cannot even look up because my eyes are locked into my face with scar tissue.

    I never thought that walking into Aesthetic laser Care, that I would never see my face again, and It was a beautiful one too.

    Thy will not let me through at airports and I am constantly having to explain my passport picture.
    My brows don’t grow anymore either.

    Surgeons can’t help because it is all inside my face and behind my eyeballs.

    They will have to cut me out of my face at some point and I will have a ton of scars around my eyes.

    Shame on Ultherapy for saying how safe they are, and having zero training standards.

    Ultherapists should have 100 hours training and women should know how dangerous this shit is.

    If I could lose a leg tomorrow and not have this disease I would be so happy.
    I would show off that thing and take selfies with it.
    It would be glorious!!!

    This should have NEVER EVER, EVER have happened.

    No one has ever lost their lids and lashes until Aesthetic Laser Care and Ultherapy showed up.
    What a fucking duo.

    I am in severe pain and my face is a monster that I can’t seem to kill.

    It has a life of it’s own.

    I’m all burn contractures that even after a year, tighten daily.

    It’s so painful, I want to rip my face off.

    Never trust a Google ad that comes up first online.

    3 women that I know, who have lost their faces to Ultherapy, lost them to the top Google ads.

    It means they have no word of mouth because they are awful.

    I have talked to Katie Piper’s doctor, but her case is a lot easier than mine, because her scars are on the outside and did not eat into the muscles and behind eyeballs, etc.

    Why was I such an idiot to go there?

    I saved 500 dollars, and spent 120 k and going, and LOST IT ALL.

    ME! The eyes my parents gave me, my long long lashes are stubs and my eyelids don’t close and are stiff and scarred.

    I’m on drops for life for dry eyes and my perfect vision is blurred and my face burns and itches.

    I’m a science experiment gone awry.

    The biggest Ultherapy botch in history, and I wasn’t even a candidate.

    Those people don’t care.

    If they did, this would never have happened.

    What a waste of a funny, bright woman.

    I would say, stay away from this garbage, but if you are hell bent, just do a few lines on your brow, like 40 total, wait 6 mos and make sure you like it.

    It does not wear off.

    I’ll keep you posted on this horror movie.

    What a waste of a life I am living.

    One mistake…Aesthetic Laser Care….


    What is this world we are living in?

    I miss my face, but I miss my carefree life.

    I don’t do anything normal.

    3 doctor appts a week, and I try to sleep and I dread mornings.

    Why would someome do this to me?

    No one can be that stupid…(besides my move)

    It’s just NOT possible.

    Not sure how I will make it in life.

    • Lala

      Omg What a frigging annoying post. I dont feel sorry for its your own, What 18 year old would go for any cosmetic procedure on her Face. Your Vanity got you into it now with live it dumb a$$. What a dumb childish post. Btr where did U Get the 100k to pay for the doctors I wonder?

      • Ultherapy Sucks

        who said im 18? You are obviously an ulthera troll. You sell a product for beauty and then blame the victim when they almost DIE for using it. You sell me a red dress and then you call me a whore after I get raped and ridicule me for wearing the red dress you sold me. Nice try TROLL. Ultherapy is healthy and natural…remember?

    • Divya Nelson

      I am sorry this nightmare happened to you. I can only imagine the horror and agony of it. Perhaps your sharing your suffering is saving countless others from a similar horrific fate. You are in my thoughts & prayers. Sending love.

    • Janay

      Hey girl, call me! I’d love to talk to you. (661) 247-7515. If you can’t contact me there call me at (661) 371-5593. Name’s Janay

  31. Trina

    I was looking into getting this stupid procedure done just this last February because of this article I read this article:

    Luckily I cannot afford it but I had gotten this new job and I thought I could aim to save up for it and see about doing little by little to start staving off the signs and effects of aging. I am lucky I don’t show those yet, but after reading this blog and your article, I can truly say that you rescued me big time. All of you. Thank you so much Tbone, for this article and page.

    How is everyone doing? Please keep trucking ladies, even though this happened to you, I can safely say that you all are the most beautiful creatures alive. Please update us on how you’re all doing

    • tbone

      If it worked, they would not need to market it. Everyone is getting the word now. It’s for saggy jaws and fat chins. They are truly evil. I’ll film me getting eyelid grafts. Was the prettiest person to put that shit on my face. No one will touch it.

  32. Alcira

    Sorry… truly is a tragedy… I recommend you get rid of those frequencies which are still there in your skin tissues… on the beach there are anions, negative ions which are good for the health, and balance the energies of the body …but not sunning, not be exposed to the sun. . walking in the sand barefoot without shoes without stockings, make grounding contact… It is also advisable to take many juices of fruit and vegetable, Drink in the morning and afternoon a glass of wheatgrass chlorophyll . All this helps regener all your body tissues. Not take dairy products, and drink half glass of water every hour antil you get 5 or 6 glasses a day, this water must contain a little of some boiled plants, could be Rosemary, Basil, Thyme, Lemon bald, Lemon grass.

    • Tbone

      all i got was elecrrocuted and burned alive. Th elecrricity is coming outof my hair and pores
      Not sure what those maniacs did to me but ultherapy said they did nothing wrong, case closed.
      my face boiled to the mask. i was burned alive screaming. pix soon

  33. mada

    ultherapy is a liposonix treatment which can give bad apoptosis

  34. D

    You are a beautiful person who has helped so many others through your painful experience. Please know that you have made a difference!!!!

  35. chriss silverstein

    I too have read horrible reviews on real so I am not surprised by your outcome and these stories have prevented me from having this procedure done. Thank you for that. However, the picture you posted looks like you have no neck so I am assuming you posted that as a joke of how you feel, very skinny face with no neck???? Do you have pictures that you can share with us so that we can see the dramatic changes from before pics and after pics? It just becomes a much more realistic story with pictures. I have seen before and afters on real and yes some people really did a 30 year age in a few months. Sad Sad Sad.

    • Tbone

      Realistic. You don’t want my reality. Email me . You can have hundreds. Get them OUT of my life.
      Fatality at Aesthetic Laser Care w these monsters.
      On tubes to live

    • Tbone

      no that’s me lying down. I wish my face ended there. It swelled up 5x the size and became charred and white, then consumed itself anf then the skin became fibrotic and stuck to me like paint. What did they put in me? Got tasered abd vaped.
      Sci-Fi Horror FILM.
      face was like an electric volcano at that chop shop. In agony burning alive.
      like WTF they do to me?
      I shake like Kathreen Hepburn.
      This is a fate worse than death.
      it”s an ugly machine. Ages and shrinks women.
      Worst fad ever. RUN.

  36. Diane LaJoye

    I have had Ultherapy done 3 times (full face), once a year over the past 3 years. Each time I got nice results (nothing dramatic mind you, but nice). I am constantly thought to be almost 10 years younger than my actual age so I certainly do not have much to complain about. Other than Ultherapy, I have done micro peels, microdermabrasion, botox and that’s about it.

    I find your claim very, very difficult to believe – having had the treatment 3 times myself. I do not see how it is even remotely possible for someone’s eye color to change due to ultheraphy treatment???? As far as fat loss, I didn’t experience any but that may be a more believable risk unlike the eye color change and eye shape change that you are touting. I would consider myself average to slender build ( 5’7 & 130 lbs) so not allot of extra fat padding on my face to begin with but alias no shrinking skull side effects were experienced by me. Hard to phantom this is such a high risk treatment yet I somehow managed to dodge the bullet 3 times – whew! Maybe the reason for the differing outcomes has more to do with the skill of the person performing the Ultherapy treatment than the actual treatment itself.

    Will I continue to get Ultherapy treatments in the years ahead – No, I will not but not for the reasons you proclaim but because it simply is not financially the best path after awhile. The effects of Ultherapy take between 3-6 months to fully develop and the majority of people will need a touch up by 1 – 1.5 years, so basically your paying a very premium price for a subtle improvement that you can enjoy for 6 months to a year – better off to save your dollars for a facelift. More dramatic correction and lasts for many years to come.

    That being said, if Ulteraphy was priced in the $300 – $800 range, I would consider it again – not for $2,000 and up.

    • saturday

      Diane LaJoye,
      Her eye color changed because the heat of the device killed off her melanocyte cells. They are the color producing cells in the mid-layer of the eye.
      You were lucky so far.

    • ac

      Her eye color changed because the heat from the ultherapy device killed off the melanocyte cells that produce pigment in the bottom layer of the skin’s epidermis, the middle layer of the eye (the uvea). This beautiful womane was burned inside her skin. The same thing happened to me while I was treating my Rosacea with the pulsed dye laser. It leaves the outside intact but destroys the inside of your skin. There is loss of volume and a lot of shrinkage involved. It is devastating . I am sorry that this happened to her. I understand, agree, and believe everything she is saying.

    • Tbone

      Hi. I had a lethal systemic reaction. I don’t understand this myself. I had an electric reaction. . Glad u had no problems. I was NOT a candidate and I’m very tiny w a boney dainty face.
      I did not know they were going to burn me. I thought this was natural.
      Those pics were nothing. I had a lethal reaction and should have been in hospital. Other women have died from lasers. It’s a horrific fate.

      I don’t know why this sick thing had to happen to me.

      There must be other fatalities in Korea where hifu started.

      Disrupted the bodies natural electricity, neurotransmitters, etc.
      I cought on fire.

      All electrical injuries.

      Im fighting for my life. Have seen 70 doctors?

      I have to do stem cells to keep me alive. I went to a dump. Maybe they had something to do w it. I will always wonder and never know.

      The machine is wicked period. Not safe, not gentle.
      My fried saw zero results.
      Lucky Duck.

      I don’t understand this. I was paralyzed by elecricity. I don’t do anything un natural.

      Fillers here and there under my eyes.

      I had the lethal dose/ reaction.

      I would never put a laser on my face, esp at a cheap med spa.

      I have no lipids in eye photo.
      My face turned gray and liquified.

      My face sucked to my skull in that photo, thats w 2k filler . I wish it stayed like that.

      I swelled up huge. . It’s a long violent grotesque story.

      My entire scalp is burned.

      I have an army of doctors that are trying to help now.

      At first they could not understand the electricity….

      The goal is to keep me alive.

      Ulthera and Aesthetic Laser Care put me in critical condition.

      We just have to keep my organs/brain going.

      I have a year of rehab ahead of me.

      Stem cells saved my life.

      I have to relearn things. Basic tasks.

      They knew it was dangerous.
      Email me for pixs.

      • Cristina Zaide

        Hi. Can you email me for some pictures? Before and after…I’m scheduled to have ulthera on my cheeks and neck in a few days time. Thanks

      • Flor Garcia

        Hello. I am sorry to know all you are going through. Thank you for sharing your testimony. Do you mind sending me some pictures of before and after? Please pray God to help you. I will pray for you too

        • Ultherapy Sucks

          im putting uo another blog than taking my life.

      • Anne

        Tbone, I’m so sorry this happened to you! You are helping 1000’s of women by sharing what you’re experiencing but it’s hard to fathom.Could you send me some pictures please?

    • Tbone

      Yes. That is what I was expecting.
      Um , I’m a fatality. Freak reaction? The tech? Colonel Mustard in the Library w the candlestick?

      You think I knew I would be burned alive? Vapped, electrocuted?

      Yes, WORST spa ever, crooks, criminals, and Ultherapy investigated and said no problems

      I was burned alive screaming. You are LUCKY.

      I am NOT.

    • Tbone

      Yeah, I didn’t see this massacre comimg . I went to a shithole spa
      They overdosed me to where I was eelctrocuted and eyeballs disintegrating w blood pouring out of it.

      Scars on my scalp, lids and lashes burned off.

      Please email aesthetic laser care in seal beach and ASK them.
      They put me in a fatal situation to make 3 dollars.
      The crowds will come for their heads soon and to murder someone via burned alive bc they were trying to cheat somehow .
      The doctor would dick chock his mother out for 29 cents and I am supossed to wonder what they did to me?
      Email them

    • Tbone

      Yes. It is inconceivable. I went to chop shop, so they must have done somwthing to save money or cheat. because I had the biggest dose of electricity in history.
      I have seizures, etc.

      Only the crooked delusional spa owner and the company know what this charleton did.

      They just put electricity in me.

      Kept cooking.

      The spa is so low they try to scam you bc they don’t care about repeat business.
      I put my face and life in the hands of a sociopath bc I was not WARNED that this was a severe dangerous head transplant surgery.
      She wound up cooking my CNS and brain.
      It is the biggest travesty and waste of a human being.
      They burned me alive.

      My life is all about keeping myself alive.

      Mariann Carruth
      ..You have no idea the HELL you have put me thru w ur ignorance.

    • Tbone

      it used to be 300 lines..then they made it 600-2000 lines like psychos. It is immune dependent. I had the gene for this not. to work coupled w a nurse w rox for brains and the old gear. Recipe for death.

  37. Charlene Lange

    I was thinking of having this done, but now forget it. I am so sorry this happened to you. I am praying you get better.

    • A. Brown

      Yes. I totally agree. It sucked all the fat away. I have a thin face due to bone structure, weight loss, age. I ended up going to Dr Cervantes in Tiajuna at Angelos Hospital. He gave me back my face with fat injections, etc. He knew what my face look liked and he is plastic surgeon artist. So thankful to him.

  38. Han

    Hi I just wanted to check how you all are doing? I truly feel your pain. I hope you have found something to help with this nightmare.

    Please try facial exercises… They are slow to work. but can truly stretch and build muscles in your face again, and thicken skin. Also huge diet changes really make a HUGE difference.

    God bless you and please post to let us know how you are. I am concerned. xx

  39. Lynn McIntosh

    So sorry to hear your story!!! Thanks for taking the time to warn us.

  40. Jossy

    Thankyou you have permanantly dissuaded me from disfiguring myself !! I appreciate your article . As I’m reading this I’m feeling everything you are feeling . My god.
    Going out on a limb here but what if gaining weight would help put the fat back in your face? And then losing the weight slowly I don’t know it’s just a thought . Prp and stem cell treatment and micro fat grafting. I know eating hydrolyzed gelatin and ingesting hylaronic acid called baxyl add extra firmness and fullness adding more collagen where your body loses it … . I take the gelatin by Great Lakes everyday actually I over do it with the stuff .. after a few weeks my husband thought I had injections and made my face fuller. I hope you get your old self back !!

    • tbone

      It got so much worse. My entore face is scar tissue. Im losing my eyelids. I may need burn grafts. They overdosed me with radiation like no ine has ever seen. The nurse had no idea what she was doing and u did not even know this shit was 180 degrees. I thought it was gentle sound waves. I’m on my third eye color and losing vision in my right eye. My eyelid skin is all radiation dermatitis, which I have lost half an inch from . I am the only person in the world dealing w this. Burn eyelid grafts are extremely disfiguring. Everyday in Vietnam. They jacked my big brown eyes, my long lids and gorgeous lashes. They took chunks of my face off. I am down 100k cuz I trusted Ultherapy was safe and went to a chop shop. Dumn on my part, but no one deserves to lose thie eyes and eyelids, and lashes. Even in the wrong hands. I could gain 100 lbs, i dont have fat or tissue on my face, so it would not get bigger. How did my life come to this? I made a mistake, but burn grafts for eyelids? WHO DOES THIS TO SOMEONE? How can they use the words “Gentle sound waves?” I am a science experiment gone awry. I’m agains the clock to save my eyelids. I was severely overdosed and time is not on my side. I was funny and beautiful. I have never been suicidal. Mt spirit and heart is broken. I cannot belive this is my life. Watching myself die 100xs. What have they done to my beautiful face?

      • Ann

        I am so sorry for what has happened to you. I honestly believe all these aesthetic doctors are quacks. I had botox in December 2015 due to enlarged masseter and after that, one side of my face got so thin but the other was sagging due to my bone structure. I look lopsided. inI saw another doctor and was advised ultherapy or thread lift, however, after reading your story, I have been scared senseless. I can’t believe something like this could happen, caused by a nurse. Please do not give up, I am hoping you manage to find a solution.

      • Leopard Orquid

        tbone, I am sooo, sooo sorry to hear your story and despair, it breaks my heart, I wish I could help you and make it go away to the” before” time of this accident. I will pray for you with all my heart and soul in hopes of bringing you healing, physical and emotional. With love, M.E.

    • tbone

      Hi. No bc i have no fat, ill all scar tissue. Ultherapy activates the apopitosis gene and they didnt tell anyone. Cell suicide. I just did stem cells
      Basically it can give u diseases and eat ur face off if u are one of the lucky ones.

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    this web page and be updated with the newest information posted

  42. Skeletor

    My LONG story and condensed version of the nightmare.

    I spent $2600 on the first unsuccessful ultherapy which was done on October 20, 2014. I went to just lift the area around my nasal fold area. I really knew nothing about it and had never even heard of it. I just got a coupon in the mail. I was starting to age a bit and thought why not. I had never even considered any kind of procedure for my face prior to that. Never would have even considered anything invasive or any fillers or injections. I had NEVER had anything done to my face in my life. I do not even ever wear makeup. Never have. It irritates my eyes. I was aging just like we all do.

    I need to clarify to all those that keep insulting me that I was not trying to change my looks or look younger. I just wanted to freshen my face up a bit. I am also not a fake person that a few have cruelly called me. I don’t have aliases either. I have no hidden agenda at all. Just trying to help someone avoid my nightmare. I hope God forgives your cruel attitudes and your offensive remarks.

    My eyes after the ultherapy started to look awful. They got big bags under them and my lower face started to sag even more and thinned my skin so much that even washing my skin with a washrag caused it to get blood marks on it. This you cannot see in the pictures. No matter what the lighting is that I keep seeing posts about does not change the fact that my face looks WORSE. No better in ANY kind of way!

    I was not aware until it was too late that the ultherapy was the reason why I was looking even more worn out and haggard. It damaged my eyes so bad that I had to get eye surgery later which I NEVER had planned. I liked my hooded eyes and my smiling eyes. I however did not like the marionette lines. That was my sole purpose for doing the ultherapy which in MY case was a HUGE mistake. They did a full face ultherapy on me. Lower face, neck, forehead, and all around eye socket.

    Around December, 2014, which was just 2 months after the first ultherapy, people started telling me I looked so tired and someone even asked a friend of mine if I had a drinking problem because of the constant big bags under my eyes. I rarely drink. I was getting more depressed everyday because I was looking so bad. So I started staying home all the time. I was so down and depressed and nothing would help me sleep. My brain was firing fast all the time.

    So I started looking around for something or someone to help my eyes and my face because I was suddenly looking older and more haggard day by day.

    My weight is good and I take vitamin supplements and drink lots of water. So I know about good health.

    I then started to think maybe plastic surgery was my only option because my face was getting so bad so FAST. I went to a plastic surgeon who told me I needed a face lift, neck lift, and eye surgery. I showed him the pictures of my face the day I had ultherapy done which was just ONE year earlier. He could not believe the pictures were only ONE year ago. Even the nurse could not believe the change. Especially in my eyes. SO…….those that keep saying you have to WAIT……I Think a year was enough to wait. But the damages did NOT stop continuing!

    I was still not ready to get surgery because I was scared to be cut and have scars. Prior to having the first ultherapy I had ZERO wrinkles on my face or neck. I had the crows feet only when I smiled and only the dreaded nasal lines. People usually guessed my age a lot younger. Now they guess much older.

    After the first ultherapy my under eye skin got super thin and crepey. My neck skin literally just folds now. It feels like it has no life at all. My eyes were already previously hooded but they did not push forward at all onto my eyelids like they did just 2 months later. The skin on them kept getting thinner and thinner.

    Since I was still scared of surgery……I went to see another plastic surgeon who supposedly was into natural remedies for skin rejuvenation. Since I never wanted surgery I went to see her. She said I had great cheekbones and I should get ultherapy. I told her I had already had ultherapy and it obviously did nothing to help me at all.

    She insisted that I did NOT have ultherapy and if I did it must have not been done correctly. I gave her the name of the place and she was suppose to check it out. She insisted that I would do just wonderful with ultherapy and offered me a “package deal” of ultherapy and Botox on my forehead which I did not even request for a price of $3600.00

    I got worried about spending even more money so I started to do some research and read that ultherapy can cause volume loss and fat loss.

    I tried to contact her prior to my appt to cancel, but I got no reply. I did not want to be rude and just not show up, but now I wish I had just been rude. It would have saved my face and my money. (Listen to your gut feelings!)

    When I got to the appt I Told her what I had read and my concerns. I specifically asked her if it was possible that I would lose fat or volume in my face. She said it WAS NOT POSSIBLE. She said my face was perfect for ultherapy and it would look so much better. She lied. Since she was a REAL DOCTOR and plastic surgeon I believed her.

    I told her to not go near my eyes. Thank God I had the sense to do that. I cannot even imagine how 2 rounds of ultherapy would have hurt my eyes even worse. She again insisted that the previous person who did the ultherapy was not trained and did not give me enough lines. So she assured me I would do just great.

    On October 3, 2015……she proceeded with the Botox across my entire forehead and in between my eyes. Then she gave me the MAXIMUM lines on my face and neck that was allowed she said. It was VERY VERY PAINFUL. She complained the whole time about the fact that her “machine ” cost her 100k. I was getting a bad feeling. My neck was welted and swelled and was a bloody looking mess. Not bleeding, but big red bloody welts on it. She told me to put neosporin on it when I got home.

    I had never had Botox, so I had no idea what that was suppose to do. It turns out I am not sure I even had Botox because nothing happened at all. From what I have read I guess I was glad she ripped me off on that too. A friend of mine told me that no way could I have had Botox because if I did I would not have been able to even make frown lines which I could easily do. I think she just shot me with water or saline solution. I have read some bad reviews about Botox, so I’m glad I had NO RESPONSE.

    Her office had no patients and door was always locked when I got there for my appts. I found out later that this doctor actually specializes in weight loss.

    She took before pictures, but will not send them to me, I went back to her office 3 weeks later after the procedure because my face looked awful. It was so much thinner. She took more pictures. I am working on trying to get those pictures. She said I was fine and that my face was swollen. I said if it was swollen it would be bigger not thinner! Then she told me to stay away from salt. I have low sodium so I need salt. The doctor did not even pay attention to my medical issues. She wanted my money so bad she said anything to get it.

    A month after the second ultherapy I got eye surgery from a GOOD PS to correct what I NOW KNEW WAS damage from the ultherapy. I now have a hollow look because the big bag is gone. I do not look like the same person at all anymore. I am so scared to see anyone that knows me from before. I have tons of friends who message me and miss me. They have no idea why I stopped doing the things I used to love doing.

    I was trying desperately to get my face back. I wish I had waited on getting my eye surgery now. The fact that my face and immune system was so damaged by the ultherapy has made my healing a very slow progress. The doctor who did my surgery is a very good surgeon. I am glad that I found him. I told him about the ultherapy damage and he said he had heard a lot of bad stories about it. He does NOT do it or recommend it at all.

    Now…..the latest drama was just recently. I posted my issues here and a Plastic Surgeon doctor that posts on this site emailed me to say that ultherapy DOES indeed cause fat and volume loss and she could help me. She agreed to write a letter for me, but she had to see me first. Her receptionist called ME and said the doctor had asked her to call me! I thought at first it was nice, but realize now it was a set up.

    I called many times to ask questions before making the 8 hour trip. I asked if I should send her my pictures so I would not waste that long trip to get there for nothing. I was ASSURED that she would write me a letter once she seen me.

    I was very apprehensive and nervous about the trip and my gut instincts were telling me not to go. But I was hoping that I was just being paranoid and scared because of all that had already happened with these other places and other greedy and unethical doctors.

    When I walked in there I seen all these signs PROMOTING ultherapy. I asked again why this doctor would want to see me if she does ultherapy and why would she write me a letter going against ultherapy. The receptionist kept saying don’t worry you will get a letter. My gut was telling me to get out of there! But I had just driven a very long and stressful road trip to get there. So I did it their way and was praying that it was not another rip off.

    I was FORCED to sign a paper agreeing to a non refund for any fees. I said I could not pay for something in advance if I did not know I going to get an opinion letter. The receptionist said she had talked to the doctor and she said I would FOR SURE get the letter. I told her I needed the letter ASAP so my credit card company could help me with my dispute against the doctor who had done the ultherapy. They also FORCED me to let them take my picture BEFORE seeing the doctor and then made me sign a paper stating my picture could be used publicly. When I said I did NOT want my picture taken because I did not want my picture to be used publicly she said the doctor would not see me then.

    Now…..I had just driven 4 hours in horrible traffic across the whole state of Florida in pouring rain, but I wanted to leave right then. My anxiety was rising fast.

    I was texting my fears of what I thought was going on to someone while waiting for the doctor which took forever. What I feared did happen, word for word.

    When this doctor came in she had an attitude right from the start. She would not let even let me speak. She kept throwing her hand up in front of my face. Then she started YELLING at me. She said she wasn’t going to write me any letter until I provided her medical records FROM the doctor who did it. I asked her just to look at my face and my BEFORE pictures that I had from the doctor office and she refused. She said if you WERE my patient I would say you needed something for volume and fat loss in your face, but you are only here for a letter that I am not going to write until I hear from your doctor FIRST. I told her that was EXACTLY why I was there so she could SEE with her own eyes my face. She just got even more defensive. Then after she said my face needed help she then said your face looks fine. She could not make up her mind what she wanted to say. Maybe my anger was showing. I was ready to explode.

    I asked her why I was NOT not informed of needing medical records from the previous doctor BEFORE I got there. She said she was not going to argue with me! I asked her how she could make an opinion without seeing my pictures. She said MY pictures meant NOTHING to her. She wanted the doctor’s pictures. Well…..the doctor has not sent them “physically” to me. She would not even look at the pictures that were sent to me by the place that did do the ultherapy. I showed her that they were emailed to me. She said those meant NOTHING. She would not even look me in the face while she was ranting. She kept looking up and looking away the whole time she was talking to me. I could not believe it. It was like I was in some never ending nightmare!

    This doctor was just trying to take my money and also discourage me from fighting ultherapy damage.

    She herself admitted that she NOW KNOWS that ultherapy can cause fat and volumes loss,but would NOT jeapordize herself by writing me a letter because she had to protect HERSELF!!! She a,so said she does not do it anymore. But……she had signs all over promoting it!!! That sounds pretty weird to me!!

    But she had NO PROBLEM lying to me saying she WOULD write a letter. She just took my money and said sorry about your luck!

    I asked her why she CONTACTED me in the first place and why she had, had her receptionist call me. She again waved her hand across my face as if to shut me up. She said if you want me to help you, come back AGAIN with medical records. Maybe in 6 months. She said….”Sorry about your long drive here and I know you will lose your dispute on your credit card, but that’s just the way it is”. She said maybe you can take the doctor to court. I said that would cost more time, money, and stress. I asked her to give my $250.00 back since she did NOTHING to help me as she promised.She said no way. I asked her about the site here on Realself that stated if Realself was mentioned a person could get a free consultation. She said Realself had no right to do that and said she NEVER does any consultation free. So do not believe anything that says free consultation from this “doctor”. So……you tell me. Isn’t this a lot to protect ultherapy? Does this sound suspicious to you?

    What a horrible joke and cruel thing that doctor did to me.

    I am 100% positive that she lured me to see her because of my bad reviews on ultherapy. She has written articles about fat and volume loss from ultherapy. I am sure just to protect herself. This women had NO intention of helping me. But I am sure if I gave her money to FIX the ultherapy damage she would gladly and eagerly have taken it!!!

    I left her office in tears. I cried the whole 4 hours back because I was so angry that I had been stupid enough to trust another doctor. I am now out $12000.00 counting the eye surgery. That does not even count the other doctor visits for other issues that this has caused. My face looks great now doesn’t it? Wow!!!!

    And according to this doctor….. The fat cells are PERMANENTLY destroyed. So….. That means I am stuck with this hollow face when I use to have a full healthy face. I only wanted to get rid of the nasal lines for goodness sake. Omg….

    I know there are good doctors out there, but I have seen a LOT MORE bad ones. Please be careful ladies. Make sure you are armed with great pictures before ANY procedure and ask for them on the spot before you let them touch your face. Also it is a good idea to make sure you can PROVE those pictures are from the doctor or establishment that does your procedures. JUST MY OPINION AND MY REVIEW.

    They will take your picture, but it seems getting them to give them to you is very difficult.

    I would appreciate that no nasty remarks be made about this LONG review. I was very stupid I admit. I feel awful enough. If you have great results from a procedure…..count yourself as one of the lucky ones. And I am very happy for you! Also notice that there are more bad reviews on most procedures especially ultherapy. These doctors know it too.

    I just wish I had done my research. Some seem to get upset when you post a bad review just because they had good results. Not everyone is the same, has same skin, are same age, and most do NOT have same doctor.

    Please respect others. It’s your face and you only get one. Protect it from greedy monsters out there that are only concerned about themselves. Pick a good doctor.. They are very, very rare. If they were honest they would not fight you to give a refund if it was a bad result. Pictures don’t lie. No matter what the lighting is…..a sag is a sag. A bag is a bag. Big eyes don’t get smaller because of lighting.

    • Sallie

      My prayers are with you. Please keep us posted on your condition. I can’t tell you how sorry I am this happened. But, I was going to have Ultherapy next week. You saved another person. Thank you

    • Flor Garcia

      Hello. Thank you for sharing all you have had to go through. I was schedule to have it done on December 8 but now that I hear all of these horrible histories I called to cancel it and now they don’t want to give me a refund because they say that their police is no refunds. I have paid 2,200 dollars and I do t know what to do now. I told them that I will bring pictures of people who have had this done and how they are now and they kind of got worried and said they will call me back. Please send me some of your before and after pictures. They want to keep my money. Please

  43. Jill


    I have seen the below post from Dr. Maercks in FL. He agrees with you concerning ultherapy. If u are not aware of this plastic surgeon ….Perhaps u should contact him. Wishing you the best.

    • tbone

      Saw him, 60 surgeons so far…..nothing works. Nurse FRIED ME.

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  48. mada

    don’t do it!
    – unless you see the vice presidents of merz out in the city square getting ultherapy done on their faces at max radiation energy, and unless you see their faces 2 years after

  49. mada

    ultherapy is not for tightening skin, but for growing new faces
    and nobody comes with a better looking face after morphing and contorting for months and years
    God knows the long term effects

    after experimenting for years with people’s faces, now they are ready to make beautiful peoples’ ass with the latest product Cellfina approved by FDA in August 2015. when all tested well, they will use it on pigs

    • Divya Nelson

      Wow. This sounds demonic. Whoever invented this must be psycho.

  50. mada

    if you still consider ultherapy, make yourself a favor:
    1. agree in advance for minimum radiation.
    2. do MRI scanning before and after. so you have a clear proof of fat loss – in case they radiate you too badly
    3. measure the laxity and thickness of your skin with all possible measurements with a dermatologist
    4. measure the volume of your face. don’t know how, you figure it out
    5. make photos from all possible angles – also from down to up – specially focus on the lower part of the face if you do it on the face. have a precise mm scale on the screen. have before and after taken from exactly same angle, distance
    6. ask for a catalog with photos of previous clients with after photos after one year and make sure what you see is what you want to get
    7. make a signed agreement with the doctor of precisely what you what to achieve – tightening is not lifting, and neither toning . agree on the measurement method to prove lifting and toning in case they promise you that – if you understand what I mean

    don’t do it around the eyes.

    this is a mini Liposonix device and you are not so desperate to lift your eye brow by killing fat above the eyes or getting even more catastrophic problems with your eyes.

    • Skeletor

      Excellent advice!!! Wish I had seen thus FIRST.
      MY FACE is melted away. Call me SKELETOR. It’s pathetic.

  51. Thank you, I filled out the form last night.

  52. Sadieth


    You are a warrior! In your darkest moments, never forget how strong you are. Not only are you helping to comfort and support those suffering the devastating effects of Ultherapy, you’re also saving countless women from the same fate.

    Just a few things off the top of my head:

    1. Rather than make a documentary (expensive, takes years, small festival market), have you considered contacting an investigative journalism series like 20/20 or W5 in Canada?

    2. Consider writing a book. I used be an acquisitions editor for a major publishing house and I think you’ve got what it takes to write a powerful account of this nightmarish journey you’ve been on. “Autobiography of a Face” is one of the most poignant memoirs I’ve ever read. I think your book would have a completely different tone (what with your dark humour) but it could be just as affecting. It would also touch on so many important and and timely subjects: the relationship between one’s face and personal identity; the multi-billion-dollar cosmetic enhancement industry; exploitation of women; the FDA’s role in all this; celebrity culture, etc.

    3. Have you heard of Chaga tea? I learned about it from a colleague who is convinced that it cured her of Lyme disease. The chaga mushroom (which grows on birch trees) rates the highest of any foods on the Orca scale of antioxidants. It also contains very high levels of anti-inflammatory phenols, containing the compounds betulin and betulinic acid – which derive directly from host birch trees. I buy it raw since it’s most cost effective. You can also apply it topically as a tincture. Powerful stuff.

    Wishing you all the very best!

    • tbone

      Thank you! I will take all of that into consoderation .

    • tbone

      Ultherapy should not even exist. Who gets a “non-invasive” facial and comes out looking like another person? A person who needs eye surgery? Did this really happen? Ultherapy should NOT EXIST, period, end of discussion. I’m out my gorgeous eyes? Sin against my parents and God. Merz Pharma is nothing but Beauty Poachers, and we are no different than the elephants who are killed for their tusks. I have seen horrific images from other women wo have had Ultherapy. About 30 percent of us are BOTCHED. This is not okay.

    • tbone

      Thinking about a horror short. I’m like Linda Blair of Beauty. SATAN IN MY FACE

  53. Pat

    Hi girls, I have a question for the ones that are having horrible results. I wish i would have read this. I had my second ultherapy a month ago.
    Researching now it seems that it is recommended between 300 to 600 lines for the entire face including eyes. And at a 3 level of potency.
    A month ago I had 900 lines done on my entire face. That was the package that was offered to me. And because I took the horrible pain, everything was done at the max power of I believe is a 4. It has been a month now and although my face is completely pulled. No sagging at all. It is definitely thinner, soecially in the lower hace. No more jowls but befinitely thinner and my face underneath feels (and looks) so much smaller. The SMAS I guess is gone.
    It has bern a month and it looks good even with the thinner face. But I am not looking forward and I am so scared of the changes ahead.
    I feel tingling all over all day long. It makes me really nervous.
    My question for the ones with problems is… How many lines you had and at what strenght? Maybe irresponsibly they gave us too many and too strong.
    The frame of my face is so much smaller now. This is scary. 🙁

    • mada

      i did not even know there are different strengths!!!
      i got under the eyes and under chin 540 lines

      after 1 months and half I could nor recognize myself in photos. huge fat loss

    • tbone

      I had 560 i think . My face,pulled all,over the place and shrunk. I peaked months 5-10 SATAN iny face

  54. Recovery is possible

    I had 4 lasers including deep tissue similar to ultherapy performed in Irvine and marketed as a ‘holistic” laser facial. Much of my hair fell out, the remaining dried up, my mouth and eyes changed, my skin shriveled due to loss of volume, my left jaw fibrosed down, awful acne and discoloration and have nearly lost my mind a million times over and stopped working for a year and went from a very social person to an introvert. The good news is that over the past 4 years, I have been dryneedling the contractured fascia and there has been painstaking but steady progress. Areas of muscle that we’re microwaved into a little ball would release and the contours are much improved. Drainage is better, so acne is mostly gone. Much of what you are seeing is due to the tissue collapse and dehydration and lymphatics shutting down due to fibrosis of the fascia, but it can be opened bit by bit – acupuncture, microneedling, guasha are most helpful.

    • tbone

      You are soooo right! I am trying endermologie for face to break up adhesions and lubricate fascia. Thank you. What a nightmare!

    • Pat

      When you day needling, you are doing it yourself? If so, how?

      • Recovery is possible

        Hi Pat,
        Its been awhile since I looked on here.
        I’d be happy to talk more.
        Hmm. How do we connect?

    • Skeletor

      What is Guasha?

    • Marilyn


      Saw your post would like to find out more about dry needling or microneedling .. Was goint to try this laser treatment but not now after the horror stories I am reading. Please contact me.

  55. lala

    These machines should be banned. I bet they changed the Thermage name to Ultherapy just to get rid of the bad reputation but guess what, Ultherapy is just as bad.. same machines, same technology, different name. And now, they have Thermage at home machines so you can melt your face at the comfort of your home!!! BIG CRIMINALS!!!

  56. Pat

    Sorry for the typos!

  57. Pat

    Hi, i am getting more and more worried as I read all of these comments and the days go by. I did ultherapy only a month ago and feeling the tinhling and pulling now. I started to look better? But so scared ehat will happen in 3 or 4 months. I should say that this is my 3rd Ulthera!!! I was not unhappy but now that I read this post, I can see that there were some changes that ocurred that I atributed to getting older. I am 51 now.
    One thing I have noticed though, and it has only been a month. Is that my jaw seems smaller. Now that the swelliness has gone down.
    I think when trying to feel the muscles, that what is happening is that the muscles that pull the face in place are getting shrank! Dont know if I am crazy but I remember I had a strong jaw muscle which gave me a square face. I am toucking bone now. Dont feel the muscle. Seems much smaller. Maybe this is what is hapoening with so many of you? I have been trying to exercise my face hoping the muscle will come back. But I do feel smaller and it has only been a month!

    • Lisa

      Pat….can you call me…..

    • tbone

      The bottom shrank and then becqme big and lumpy from loss of fat. Also heating the muscle it shrinks than expands, which is why people run back for more. The upper part of my face is criminal. All acar tissue and pulled shrunken eyes. I can’t look at myself. I know I will be miserable the rest of my life with these beady eyes after they were big and excited looking. Criminals belong buried under the prison for stealing my beautiful eyes.

  58. Shiselle

    Thank you all so much for what you have shared! After a recent consult with my dermatologist’s office, I was preparing to call tomorrow and schedule Ultherapy for the week before Thanksgiving (coincidentally the third anniversary of my husband’s death). I thought maybe it would help with feeling more confident about the prospect of dating; thanks to you all, I will just appreciate this 50-year old face and move forward. I already have a thin face, no fat – so it’s very likely this would have produced a horrible outcome. I am very grateful to you and wish you the very best!

    • tbone

      I have saved about 200 faces that I know of so far. My blog is famous in LA. What a bunch of scumbags. They should get their 600 million back from Ultherapy and then pay us out.

      Merz was sued by Allergan (Botox) for stealing their recipe and calling it Xeomen, which never took off bc it’s crap and they had to wait a year to release it. Sooo Ultherapy was going to be their revenge. They truly thought this technology was going to take over the world. They marketed the piss put if it ( that’s where my beautiful face comes in) and ….they are even market it for under the pits to stop sweat like Botox. ..too bad, not only does it now work, it’s destroying us. Nurses hate to work with it and several have quit their jobs to avoid having to do it. They charge astronomical fees, not because the technology is so magical, as they would like us to think, but because they are that fucking GREEDY and are trying to recoupe the 600 million as fast as they can, which they have already recouped 100 million, by robbing and wrecking us.

      The banks are SO impressed with this, that they have just given them sick amounts of money… so, while Merz and their stock holders are thrilled with their new aquisitions, and shoving their gullets with lobster rolls, we are running out for eye surgeries and facelifts.

      Meanwhile, they have a bunch of goons that work for them posing to be real women on to write fake ‘good reviews’ and chase all of the real distraught women offline.

      How the fuck in this day and age, with the internet is this able to go down?


      They have bought off every paper, blog, and news channel.

      Please don’t forget to sign the
      Women Against Ultherapy petition.

  59. Hi, I’m thinking of having breast implant surgery. My issue is about having over muscle as I’m extremely active meaning that I workout. Does anybody have any ideas? I have not seen the doctor as I’m still unsure re the procedure. Thanks

    • tbone

      Where do u live? I can steer u away from the bad surgeons….message me, Grant Stevens and Dr. Reichner are great in LA

      • V_w

        Hi .. I did ultherapy 2 times .. Both times full face .. Destroyed .. I didn’t put two and two together till the second time around ., he treated one eye the second time and I have the same issue .. U have pulled and almond .. I can’t stand looking at myself although to people I look normal I know my face and the eye looks crazy .. Is there a way to fix this ? Are we doomed for ever with this crazy eyes ? . The fat loss was hell but can be filled .. This eye thing seems to be permanent .. Can u please recommend a surgeon in la ? Please .. I’m so distressed I don’t even know who to trust and scared to have anyone touch me again .

  60. Quitealongjourney

    I am 4 years out from similar experience with 4 different lasers performed at once by alice pien at ama skincare corp in irvine. Had dry thinning hair, shriveled skin, morphing of features, head changing shape, face caving in when i ate, the whole nine yards. Attempts at filling dents and hollows with filler only made things worse and eventually it ended up erupting through the skin like volcanic acne. Good news is that with an unbelievably enormous amout of microneedling/acupuncture there has been steady, albeit painstaking, recovery. I feel ive earned a phd of sorts in fascial recovery from laser damage research. It is not easy, bc it takes forever and things keep changing as a few areas or fibers release at a time, but eventually you can start to see yourself in your face again. I lost my mind a million times in the process, but finally i can see that worst is over. There is hope ladies.

    • tbone

      Thank you. My eyes are permanantly sad. My soark is gone. So demoralizing. Thank u for the hope. Yes all shrunk. Fibers burned. No one has a good result. Total beauty poachers for money

    • Pat

      Hi. I would love to get your treatment but I live abroad now!!!!!
      Got the Ultherapy a minth ago in LA but I am in South Anetica at the moment. Wanted a fresher look. How stupid. Do you think that at least going to an acupuncturist here will help?

    • Lisa

      I’d love a phone call from either/both of the women who have said they have had some recovery with microneedling, etc. I need some kind of hope that there is something I can do to progress.

    • Lisa

      can you call me 916-203-1604?

    • Caggles

      Hi quitealongjourney,

      I was encouraged that you had some good results from micro needling and acupuncture. Would you mind sharing where you had that done? I cannot find anyone Dermatologist-wise in Michigan that recognizes the damage I sustained and can treat it. I am willing to go anywhere to a doctor who has experience with this type of repair. I have shrinking tissue, banding, divots and the full gamut of damage from radio frequency treatment. Would so greatly appreciate hearing of a doc I can go to! Thanks:-)


    • Marilyn

      Quitealongjourney, please tell me, are you microneedling youself? I would rather try the microneedling on myself instead of this laser ultherapy in my areas of concern. Please any info on the microneedling will be appreciated.

  61. Amy

    Same thing happened to me however, I have nerve damage that is now causing gastroparesis due to damaged nerves (vagus) my ears hurt all the time from the nerve damage. The saddest part is I work in Plastic Surgery and I will never go back to work. My face looks awful!!!
    I do not recommend this procedure. Run, run. It will ruin your life!!

    • mada

      I have pain in my right ear too

    • tbone

      Where did you get your treatment done? Shame in ultherapy and creating monsters from beauty.

    • Pat

      Scary! How do you get gastroparesis from it? I am more worried now. I had it a few years ago but an amazing chinese doctor reversed it with acupunture and herbs.

      • Amy

        Damage to the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve it goes into your stomach starting in your face . If the nerve is damaged it can cause Gastroparasis. My belief is when the laser was performed it was so deep and painful it damaged that nerve. I had pain in my ears after for over a yr. Did you have acupuncture after ultherapy for ear pain? Or stomach?

    • tbone

      I had severe ear pain for a month, but it went away. Can you email me? I’m trying to get us all in one place.

  62. mada

    Ulthera is a terror group with false clinical studies.
    they are using a micro-liposonix machine on peoples faces and they are insisting they don’t do any fat atrophy

    can you believe it?!
    maybe not
    but that’s how it is: unbelievable
    they dare to wash fat on young women faces without asking for permission

    and you know why they do that?!

    because nobody can stop them
    the plastic surgery and cosmetic world is a mess where bandits play with money and people’s life

  63. mada

    I accuse Ulthera for doing liposuction on my face without agreeing with me on that

  64. mada

    I accuse Ultera for doing liposuction on my face without informing and agreeing with me on that

  65. mada

    there are accidents there is fate and there is ulthera
    I was supposed to be somewhere else in my life

  66. mada

    they come to me an tried to sell me Magical Water, and I said No thanks, I am not that stupid. Than they come to me and said they have some medical technology to make my skin fresh and young, and I said Thanks, I believe in technology. take my advice. Don’t believe in anything anymore.
    save your money – save your life

  67. mada

    people are allowed to do anything in order to sell and make money
    they will burn you deep under your skin, get an FDA approval and tell you you look great
    once you are fucked up by Ulthera so are you fucked up for the rest of your life

    you will be even chased away by those criminals from ulthera who does not want bad publicity

    fucking wild west economy who destroyed my face and life

  68. mada

    ulthera micro-focused ultrasound device does 100 times more damage on people’s face than a Liposonix focused ultrasound device does on people’s bellies.

  69. Tbone

    If you are plastic surgeon/dermatologist in Beverly Hills or you earn 1 million dollars per month….then yes you must buy Ulthera. If you aren’t…. you will waste your “nice” money.
    I am very upset with this device and with some companies which sell to the doctors extremely expensive devices and the results are extremely poor. It is worthy only for advertisement and marketing of your clinic….nothing else. It has disposables which are also expensive, so you will offer an expensive treatment to your patients and finally nobody will be satisfied. You will not see any lifting effect especially after one treatment. Maybe after two or three treatments some results will be visible, but you should have patients to pay a lot and be patient.
    The screen is totally not necessary. The theory that you will see the SMAS and the ultrasound will be focused to the SMAS it seems to be like a candy for children.
    If you search for ulthera in pubmed there is only one result from 2008. Maybe there other articles which describe the same method of treatment (focused ultrasound) but they don’t mention the name Ulthera.
    In conclusion my opinion is NOT to buy it. It is better to buy a cheap radiofrequency (monopolar and bipolar). It has the same results and you will be more flexible to make offers to you patients. –

    I would NOT direct ultrasonic sound waves into live dermis and deeper subcutaneous tissue. It ‘stimulates’ the tissue and heats the tissue to about 158 degrees… Anything that inflames something causes swelling. No wonder the face tightens. IMHO that is such very little improvement, and if there is some, it seems to be after multiple treatments and generally improvement is not evidenced until a few months. Download their client intake form and look at all the contraindications. This link is just an ad. In all honesty, don’t you think if it really ‘lifted’ anything appreciably it’d be all over the media? As an holistic practitioner, I would seriously rethink doing something unnatural to live tissue. Who knows years later what havoc it will wreak with the DNA. I hear the rental/purchase costs are up there, and I wouldn’t get myself imbued in something like that in this economy. Check with your insurance company before getting into it also. I recently saw on well-known one is upcharging their rates if you practice with this modality. – See more at:

    • tbone

      Also not many of us became very sick after ultherapy. I had a severe cough that would not go away and turned into a lung infection. 3 mos after treatment. The museum system is going crazy trying to fight off your face. I thought ultherapy was like a stronger microcurrent and “natural” I had my entire face rearranged and the muscles pulled all over and then stuck in their new position. I wrote this from a hyperbaric chamber for burn victims because I am desperate to have my big eyes back. I am coming 5 days a week. Not sure if the voltaren gel works. It helped me with edema but that was bc my fillers were bulging put of my face. I had oxygen shots to my head earlier today for $250 . All I do is run to surgeons and acupuncturists. I’m about to go to a damn witch doctor. Thanks ultherapy for being the biggest liars and criminals in cosmetic history. Ultherapy should have a black box label and is more dangerous than Botox bc at least that wears off. My face and muscles are frozen, charred, stuck.

      • suchalongjourney

        pls contact me by email. I have some suggestions.

        • Caggles

          Any suggestions for the rest of us? Please? I am borderline suicidal because of the damage. Please, anything…. Are you a doctor? Thanks in advance.

      • Charlene Lange

        I am so sorry, and praying all the people damaged by ultherapy get better.

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  72. Anonymous

    Fat transfer involves liposuction.
    Burning, freezing, or removing fat is risky with long-term harm.

  73. tbone

    None remodeling, tissue melting with ultrasound fucking irresponsible. I have done more research than the people hawking this progeria machine.

  74. tbone


  75. tbone


  76. tbone

    Now your going to MAKE me drop 100k on a damn documentary.I have women crying on the phone to me from Europe. I have been recording all of it. ….Keep it up. Meeting with the FBI as well. Harassing me is only going to put irons in my fire. Gives me something to do since I cannot be photographed after you disfugured me. I have time on my hands.

  77. tbone

    ULTHERAPY HACKS….you already ruined my beautiful face, u think playing with my blog is gonna do shit to me? Pfffttt..cut your losses. If you wanted to stay in business you would have done more studies and insured that the nurses and doctors had hundreds of hours of training to prevent all of this destruction. You wouldn’t be hacking into blogs like a fool. Focus on not ruining any more lives. There is more to life than money. Find your spiritual path for God”s sake and get a life.

  78. tbone

    Instead of Hacking into my accounts, why don’t you try helping me? If ANYONE FROM Ultherapy offered to listen to me and help me I wouldn’t need to do all of this. You brought it upon yourself. I called the FBI for hacking into my accounts. That is very serious. This is only encouraging me. The more you harass me, the more I will go to the police, FBI and make a documentary if I have to. It’s a free country. I never thought getting a facial from you people would change my life and wreck my face and now to be harassing some poor wwoman who’s life you ruined already? How do you people sleep at night? You’re machine wrecks 20 percent of people. That is waaaay too high. Instead of stalking me, why don’t you fix the dosages and for God’s sake…do’nt put almost 200 degrees near someones eyeballs

  79. tbone

    Ultherapy is HACKING into my BLOG. LOL LOL LOL Glad you guys are listening! Now fix that machine before you BLIND someone.

  80. tbone

    Thank you this info Karma777!
    Yes, so many complaints that they are conducting a study…ya think idiots? Basically, if you ever had filler or smoked a cigarette, your fucking face could fall off and you can go blind. Like, are these people serious with this nonsense? Most people have NO result. What happened to my face and eyes is unspeakable…and continues to happen. My family and friends have to take care of me like a fucking invalid. My mom is flying out because I can’t even function. My eyes are killing me because the muscles are still tightening around the. WHEN WILL THIS STOP????? Here I was, young, funny and gorgeous and my face continues to rot. SATAN IN MY FACE. This SHOULD NOT HAPPEN, Even with a shitty nurse, etc This is beyond the pale. I HAD MY GENETICS CHANGED. ..and I don’t know who the fuck I am. GREAT! Shame on FDA for approving this progeria machine. I KNOW YOU ARE ARE STALKING ME ULTHERAPY/MERZ. GIVE IT UP. Your research should not come from a blog (Real Self) You people are animals, straight up. These bad reviews have been going on for 5 years!!! Enough already.

    You want to be in a study???? GOD if this isn’t admitting defeat, I don’t know what is….May as well say, have you ever farted or slept? Then this may be contraindicated for you.

    I thought Ultherapy was NATURAL….I don’t do Botox bc it is not natural. What happened to my face is NOT NATURAL. MY POOR FACE. All used and abused with a science experiment gone awry. LIFE OVER.


    Presence of an active systemic or local skin disease that may affect wound healing.
    Severe solar elastosis.
    Recent history of significant trauma to the face (<6 months).
    Significant scarring, other than acne scars in area(s) to be treated.
    Open wounds or lesions in the area(s) to be treated.
    Severe or cystic active and clinically significant acne on the area(s) to be treated.
    Have a recent or current history of inflammatory skin disease, infection, cancerous/pre-cancerous lesion, unhealed wound in the proposed treatment areas.
    Have a history of systemic granulomatous diseases active or inactive or connective tissue disease.
    Have hypertrophic acne scars, any evidence of keloid scarring, predominantly icepick scarring (defined as more than half of all scar area in either the left or right or treatment area) or sinus tract scars.
    Presence of a metal stent or implant in the area(s) to be treated.
    Inability to understand protocol or give informed consent.
    Microdermabrasion or glycolic acid peels to the treatment area(s) within four weeks prior to study participation or during the study.
    History of allergic reaction to Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, or Lidocaine/Tetracaine.
    History of chronic drug or alcohol abuse.
    History of autoimmune disease.
    Concurrent therapy that, in the investigator's opinion, would interfere with the evaluation of the safety or efficacy of the study device.
    Subjects who anticipate the need for surgery or overnight hospitalization during the study.
    Subjects who, in the investigator's opinion, have a history of poor cooperation, noncompliance with medical treatment, or unreliability.
    Concurrent enrollment, or participated within the past 30 days, in any study involving the use of investigational devices or drugs.
    Current smoker or history of smoking in the last two years.
    History of the following cosmetic treatments in the areas to be treated:
    Skin tightening procedure within the past year;
    Injectable filler of any type within the past: i. 12 months for Hyaluronic acid fillers (e.g.,Restylane); ii. 12 months for Ca Hydroxyapatite fillers (e.g., Radiesse); iii. 24 months for Poly-L-Lactic acid fillers (e.g., Sculptra); iv. Cultured fibroblast (e.g. LaViv) within the past two years; v. Ever for permanent fillers (e.g., Silicone, ArteFill)
    Neurotoxins within the past three months;
    Ablative resurfacing laser treatment within the past two years;
    Nonablative, rejuvenative laser or light treatment within the past six months;
    Surgical dermabrasion or deep facial peels within the past two years;
    Any history of contour threads.
    History of using the following prescription medications
    Accutane or other systemic retinoids within the past six months;
    Topical retinoids within the past two weeks;
    Antiplatelet agents / Anticoagulants (Coumadin, Heparin, Plavix, chronic NSAID use);
    Aspirin greater than 82mg/day
    Psychiatric drugs that in the investigators opinion would impair the subject from understanding the protocol requirements or understanding and signing the informed consent or affect their ability to accurately complete QOL and subjective improvement assessments.
    Any condition which in the opinion of the investigator makes the patient unable to complete the study per protocol.


  81. tbone

    Thank you this info Karma777!
    Yes, so many complaints that they are conducting a study…ya think idiots? Basically, if you ever had filler or smoked a cigarette, your fucking face could fall off and you can go blind. Like, are these people serious with this horseshit? Most people have NO result. What happened to my face and eyes is unspeakable…and continues to happen. My family and friends have to take care of me like a fucking invalid. My mom is flying out because I can’t even function. My eyes are killing me because the muscles are still tightening around the. WHEN WILL THIS STOP????? Here I was, young, funny and gorgeous and my face continues to rot. SATAN IN MY FACE. This SHOULD NOT HAPPEN, Even with a shitty nurse, etc This is beyond the pale. I HAD MY GENETICS CHANGED. ..and I don’t know who the fuck I am. GREAT! Shame on FDA for approving this progeria machine. I KNOW YOU ARE ARE STALKING ME ULTHERAPY/MERZ. GIVE IT UP. Your research should not come from a blog (Real Self) You people are animals, straight up. These bad reviews have been going on for 5 years!!! Enough already.

    You want to be in a study???? GOD if this isn’t admitting defeat, I don’t know what is….May as well say, have you ever farted or slept? Then this may be contraindicated for you.

    I thought Ultherapy was NATURAL….I don’t do Botox bc it is not natural. What happened to my face is NOT NATURAL. MY POOR FACE. All used and abused with a science experiment gone awry. LIFE OVER.


    Presence of an active systemic or local skin disease that may affect wound healing.
    Severe solar elastosis.
    Recent history of significant trauma to the face (<6 months).
    Significant scarring, other than acne scars in area(s) to be treated.
    Open wounds or lesions in the area(s) to be treated.
    Severe or cystic active and clinically significant acne on the area(s) to be treated.
    Have a recent or current history of inflammatory skin disease, infection, cancerous/pre-cancerous lesion, unhealed wound in the proposed treatment areas.
    Have a history of systemic granulomatous diseases active or inactive or connective tissue disease.
    Have hypertrophic acne scars, any evidence of keloid scarring, predominantly icepick scarring (defined as more than half of all scar area in either the left or right or treatment area) or sinus tract scars.
    Presence of a metal stent or implant in the area(s) to be treated.
    Inability to understand protocol or give informed consent.
    Microdermabrasion or glycolic acid peels to the treatment area(s) within four weeks prior to study participation or during the study.
    History of allergic reaction to Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, or Lidocaine/Tetracaine.
    History of chronic drug or alcohol abuse.
    History of autoimmune disease.
    Concurrent therapy that, in the investigator's opinion, would interfere with the evaluation of the safety or efficacy of the study device.
    Subjects who anticipate the need for surgery or overnight hospitalization during the study.
    Subjects who, in the investigator's opinion, have a history of poor cooperation, noncompliance with medical treatment, or unreliability.
    Concurrent enrollment, or participated within the past 30 days, in any study involving the use of investigational devices or drugs.
    Current smoker or history of smoking in the last two years.
    History of the following cosmetic treatments in the areas to be treated:
    Skin tightening procedure within the past year;
    Injectable filler of any type within the past: i. 12 months for Hyaluronic acid fillers (e.g.,Restylane); ii. 12 months for Ca Hydroxyapatite fillers (e.g., Radiesse); iii. 24 months for Poly-L-Lactic acid fillers (e.g., Sculptra); iv. Cultured fibroblast (e.g. LaViv) within the past two years; v. Ever for permanent fillers (e.g., Silicone, ArteFill)
    Neurotoxins within the past three months;
    Ablative resurfacing laser treatment within the past two years;
    Nonablative, rejuvenative laser or light treatment within the past six months;
    Surgical dermabrasion or deep facial peels within the past two years;
    Any history of contour threads.
    History of using the following prescription medications
    Accutane or other systemic retinoids within the past six months;
    Topical retinoids within the past two weeks;
    Antiplatelet agents / Anticoagulants (Coumadin, Heparin, Plavix, chronic NSAID use);
    Aspirin greater than 82mg/day
    Psychiatric drugs that in the investigators opinion would impair the subject from understanding the protocol requirements or understanding and signing the informed consent or affect their ability to accurately complete QOL and subjective improvement assessments.
    Any condition which in the opinion of the investigator makes the patient unable to complete the study per protocol.


  82. KARMA777

    You came into my friend’s office in Bev Hills. I’m so sorry. Please keep us updated about your vision. I read everything is CRIMINAL. All the fake reviews and the fact that their research IS all coming from a blog is disgusting. I will do everything to spread the word!!! How is your vision? OMGGGG. GOD IS WITH YOU.

  83. You came into my friend’s office in Bev Hills. I’m so sorry. Please keep us updated about your vision. I read everything is CRIMINAL. All the fake reviews and the fact that their research IS all coming from a blog is disgusting. I will do everything to spread the word!!! How is your vision? OMGGGG. GOD IS WITH YOU.

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  86. techa

    Please see this response from the first doctor that answers responsibly to my questions about fat loss due to thermage. I hope you find this helpful. I know it is on Real Self and I’m now not a friend of them after they removed my honest review but I found it honest and very valuable, hope it helps this community too!!

  87. tbone

    i’m getting the balls to post my pics, stay tuned. They will go VIRAL.

  88. tbone

    Thank you for your emails. My vision is going. I cannot drive at night anymore. I wanted to die because of my beauty is gone and now I just want to live and have my vision. Send prayers!!!!!

    • Sallie

      You are in my prayers daily. Please keep us posted on your journey.

  89. Meg

    I can’t believe it!!! I had an appointment today for a consultation for my neck. A few years ago I saw it advertised but put it off due to a medical condition I had to take care of first……before going to today’s appointment I did a little research because on the Kardashian show the other night it said Kim had it done. So before going in today I thought I would check online to find out if her results were good, and in the meantime came across this and other beware postings. I did wind up going to the appointment and mentioned the negative reviews and the doctor told me “everybody is different and gets different results”. After my appointment I really read up on the stories online. Thank you for your story because it saved me and probably countless others from the horrible result you are going through. I hope you get the help you need to correct the damage done.

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  92. tbone

    Btw if you say anything negative about Ultherapy, whether it be on Real Self, or even celebrity sites, like.UK Mail Online or TMZ , etc in the comment section, you will automatically be shut down…kicked off the blog for “breaking rules” Ultherapy and Merz pharmaceuticals is trying soo hard to push this machine, and bullying women who have been hurt. Please contact the FDA and Congress. It is illegal what they are doing. They are hanging on to their fake 67 percent on Real Self . Read the reviews of ‘not worth it” I think this has to do with Fredrick Brandt’s suicide. He mentioned disappointment about a pharmaceutical company not coming clean about their side -effects (Vanity Fair) . I believe he had the treatment himself, along with Jada Pinkett , Renne and Uma. I WISH they would have spoken up. Why the guilt? Who doesn’t want tauter skin? Not like we killed someone. Until we can have an open conversation about this, they will win. And why do they say. ..”what did she do to her face?” When it should be…”What did HE do to her face?” Men are the ones cashing in. Let’s get an open dialogue going….and Thanks for speaking up Renee! Get some balls!

  93. tbone

    My best compliment now is “you’re not ugly” um… I used to get Monica Bellucci. I’m more Margaret Cho (not that there’s anything wrong with it *Seinfeld)

    • Taija82

      Hi I thought to chime in. I have bad textural damage from fraxel laser treatments- my life ended three years ago and has been a battle to not to succumb to the constant urge to go permanently asleep. I used to be bubbly, happy common looking girl , even ugly but I was pretty happy living life as me.

      I had fraxel four times for acne scarring and it destroyed my life. I was not told about any side effects. I asked about scarring if it is a possibility and I was told stern no, it’s 100% safe. Bullshit.

      My face is one big scar tissue , shiny burn scar with holes punched through it I look like a greasy pin cushion. No make up covers it .

      I was dismissed by the doctor he couldn’t see anything apparently , funny that others do but not him or his staff..

      My biggest fear came through and I don’t live life, I endure it, pray for cancer/ accident anything that would release me from this trap. Nothing will bring my skin back. I can’t look myself in the mirror because damage is so bad.

      I don’t feel happiness. A good day is when I’m too tired to feel anything. And yes, that’s what I hear: but your not ugly.

      Saying that no one has ever called me beautiful. Ever. Not even my partner. I’ve been abused by strangers how I look, that’s BEFoRE laser.

      Being an ugly woman is awful. Being an ugly woman with fucked up burned facial skin- unbearable.

      I’m sorry this happened to you , although I do envy your life what it was before, a normal female experience feeling stunning/ beautiful.

      Trust me I know the pain all too well you go through and you are so brave. Thank you for speaking out. Horrid doctors and surgeons should rot in hell and yet it’s us, the victims , who are literally rotting in hell on earth. Where is justice, karma?

      Robbing lives , taking mothers from children , wives and girlfriends from husbands and boyfriends and vice versa….. All that remains is a shell of a person that was, a zombie. I know this because I talk with so , so many victims of laser, ipl, thermage you name it.

      This destroyes lives and families. Doctors don’t care. They all know but stick to the silent code. They spew all the same phrases to all victims around the globe: it’s not a known side-effect, I’ve never seen this before and I have treated so-and-so many.., we didn’t take before pictures you must remember wrongly/ we can’t find your before pictures/ I don’t understand what are your complaints your skin looks fabulous! Etc etc…

      Keep up the good fight. These bastards better come crashing down. If I’d had my way I would laser them myself and watch them crumble in horror of their first sight of their mirror image.

  94. tbone

    If anyone has any support to share or coping mechanisms, I’d love to here from you . This has destroyed my life,face, confidence and self-esteem. I will share pictures soon. Fucking brace yourselves

  95. tbone

    I’ve been hiding because I want people to remember me as I was. I’m not sure I am going to make it.

  96. tbone

    I’m having such a hard time. I did not need ultherapy. I thought it was preventative. My face was demolished. Mauled. My eyes , bone structure, skin etc I look at pictures from last year and I was sey, young and vital. I had such a hyper response. Tightening. …that was the worst part. I pulled so tight my eyes shut. Then I lost ALL fat. Now her comes the collagen!!! All on the bottom of my face. Basically I had the worst ultherapy treatment and response in recorded history. This should not happen ever. Marianne Carruth was untrained, but even so…..I should not have been a science experiment for 6 months straight . I will never be able to convey what happened and the images I have seen in the mirror. Unfortunately it still continues. Monster in the mirror. They may be using fake equipment and/or such grotesque negligence. If I can feed myself day to day, it has been a success. I have met with the most talented medical minds in the world and they told me to find meditation. How could this happen? How? It still contines to morph.

  97. It’s actually a great and useful piece of information. I am happy that you just shared this helpful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  98. tbone

    For those of you asking, Marianne Carruth RN botched me. Went to close to my eyes and fried me. Had no idea what she was doing . I did not even need this procedure. Who puts 160 degree heat on someone’s eyeballs? Common sense no? I see the neuro -opthamoligist tomorrow bc I’m dealing with head pains /shocks and visual blurs and wild trails
    Not to mention my big eyes are half way into my skull! The incompetence of these monkeys at Aesthetic Laser Care is astounding. I had no problems a year ago. It’s amazing how one hour can fuck you up forever. I’m seriously hoping not to go blind at this point. FUCKING IDIOTS.

  99. tbone

    Update….I continue to deteriorate. My forehead has nerve damage and if I touch my eyebrows I get a shock in my skull. Last night whole driving , I started trailing off of the traffic lights. I mean, Pink Floyd laser light show trailing. I pulled over and almost called an ambulance. I waited 20 min and it was better. If that optic nerve if going ,I’m fucked . I know they went over my eyes with a 3 mm transducer. It’s only 160 degrees. I hate to say this…but WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? From a med spa facial ? Beautiful face MAULED. Melted off and contorted and shrank? Burn victim. I’ll keep you posted. God Bless you for reading this.

    • Imbun

      Hello. Thanks for sharing your experience here. I had it in Thailand with a very famous doctor who performed the procedure herself.

      Just after the procedure, I felt as if someone pulled a bunch my hair from behind my back …. but when I looked around …. no one was actually there! It was shocking, but I brushed it off thinking it was just an isolated incidence. But it happened over and over again. Luckily, I went on a cruise trip right after the procedure so it helped distracting me from the constant feel of someone pulling my hair from behind my back, and all the anxiety and anger that came with it.

      Later, I also noticed that the feeling occurred only when my finger or even my own hair just lightly touched my “forehead”. I called the doctor after getting back from the trip, she told me that my nerve might be in different position that other women. She said my nerve was damaged, but it would heal itself in just 2 weeks. Well, it took months for that awkward feeling to completely gone.

      I am in my 40s so I don’t care about changing the shape of my face. FYI, the 2 popular beauty concepts here in Asia are whitening skin, and turning from a U to V shaped face. Ulthera is advertised for changing your face to V-shape. I asked my doctor if ulthera would shrink my face, she said it wouldn’t. But, after the procedure, a lot of friends would tell me I looked so thin as if I have lost weight and looked tired, nothing about younger, fresher, or happier.

      Reading comments in here, I now realized that shrinking might be the effect of the procedure. Because of the reduced face volume due to fat loss, I didn’t look any younger, even with a (supposedly trade-off of getting) stronger thicker collagen.

      So what ulthera did for me was the horrifying experience of hair pulling for months, and loss of plumpness on the face with a tired/unhappy look especially 2-yr post procedure. I think it is wiser to wait and see a long-term effects before jump right into taking any laser procedure.

      Thank you all here again for sharing your experience.

  100. Sosad

    My face has been ruined from this device over 3 years ago , the damage kept continuing and still is now , I have lost most of my fat and aged easily 15 years , I lost fat and have indentation to my cheeks , chin, temple and forehead , my cheeks are totally fat and my chin look pointed , I hate what I see, my face is no longer mine , I have been depressed , felt suicide , time will make you feel better but won’t make your face better. Fat Transfer might help but too scary , I have 5 syringes of fillers injected every 4/ 6months because this is how long it last now , my face look odd with all the fillers , before this disaster I didn’t need fillers , anyone considering doing this , please think twice as this can change your life to the worse.

  101. Outstanding post, you have pointed out some excellent details, I think this
    is an excellent site.

  102. Heather Graham

    How does Ultherapy compare to PSR3???? Should I get my deposit back? I’ve looked for horror stories keeping yours in mind and find nothing. Thank you for any input!

  103. Lalla

    I got terrible damage from an “at home thermage” machine. Same fat loss, asymmetry, devastating effects from one day to the other. No doctor could help, they only want to do fillers or fat grafting. They are ready to “resolve” in the best possible way to their economy never worry about understanding what happened to me. I decided to go for the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy soon. Wondering if anyone has tried it to make their faces back.. it supposedly regenerates tissue, hopefully fat too.. not sure but it talks about volume back. I will share my story if it is successful. I entered my review on Realself but they removed it, I was getting excellent feedback from the Realself community but my comments were “too critical” of the technology and all my review and comments went to the trash.
    I wonder if anyone has seen any improvement at all.. I see very little improvement but at this pace it will take me 5 years or more to have my face back. This is a real nightmare !!!

  104. Sarab

    No all- I just had this procedure done on my lower face yesterday. I am sick to my stomach about what I am reading. Can anyone answer the following:
    1) if it has melting fat effect and your face falls, is it correctable with a mini lift.
    2) so I heard the procedure was temporary, (2 years) but I guess not true? And that it would eventually go back?
    3) they didn’t do my chin, just to the right ans left under my cheeks. Is this how it’s normally administered, or am I saved because she didn’t do that section?
    3) what does that gel do you mentioned? Voteran ?
    4) is there anything I can do now to start staving off the effects.
    I want to throw up now, as this has basically ruined my whole day, but please let me know if there is anything I can do to help myself now.

    • Marie

      Where can I sign the petition? I only find the petition through face book.
      What if one is not on face book?

  105. Renatka

    OMG I was about to get Ultherapy done! I cant believe how lucky i am to have read this first! Thank you for saving my face! I wish you a miracle … A solution to your healing skin on your face. All the best, R

    • tbone

      You dodged a bullet. I can’t believe how beautiful and young looking I was. I can’t believe they put that heat near our eyes basically I am a burn victim but the burns are all inside the face. My forehead won’t move nor my eyes it’s all gummed together as scar tissue. In getting pains from nerve compression bc it’s to tight on forehead. The nurse was a moron. She fried me. This is my fate? I’m still in shock.

  106. mada

    why cheat ollagen industry is blossoming, when every medical doctor knows that production of new collagen does not happen with those heat devices?!

    from the “Basic principles of wound healing” – Elsevier:
    collagen level never reaches more than 80% of that collagen before inducing the scar

    COMPARE with
    what this imbecile called Thomas Hitchcock, PhD Clinical Medical Affairs, from Ulthera is saying in the video at the following web site:

    “The Ultherapy® procedure stimulates collagen production by delivering focused ultrasound energy to the skin’s foundational layer typically addressed in cosmetic surgery—without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.”

  107. mada

    while clinics are treating people’s faces, guess what:
    Ulthera forgot to mention on their web site that they have an FDA approval for use on the peoples’ face:

    “Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared procedure to non-invasively lift the eyebrow, neck and under-chin.
    Now, FDA-cleared to improve décolletage lines and wrinkles!”

    ridiculous so many lies in this Ulthera business

  108. mada

    clinics doing fillers, fat grafting, ptosis are blossoming
    mean while guess what: FDA still did not figured out that Ultherapy distroys tissue and fat
    FDA is demanding from aspirin producers a long list of side-effects
    but did not figured out that the latest powerful laser-machine produced by Ulthera has side effects
    why bother with terrorists from Arab world, when terrorists are work at FDA, in high tech companies and in clinics

  109. mada

    oh my God
    those Russians are stupid
    welcome to America – where everything is possible

  110. mada

    check out all those imbeciles from,
    – doctors that have during many years told people that there are no major risks in Ultherapy

    – think that they should be behind the bars,

    • techa

      I posted a lot of questions about how to heal from Thermage damage and got the same doctors responding the same stupid answer!!! that Thermage doe not cause fat lose BIG LIES!!! RealSelf is with them, and they shold be ashamed of it!!

  111. mada

    rule no 1:
    never put your face in the hands of those who tell you that the therapy have no major risks
    if there are no major risks, it means that they are imbeciles, and you don’t want to mess up with imbeciles

  112. mada

    heating collagen to stimulated production of collagen is a lie
    utherapy is the ultimate lie proof

  113. mada

    the world of business mans without respect for medicine, science, technology and people
    it’s all about making money by telling lies, now on the faces of beautiful people

    the lower part of my face have literally melted after Ultherapy
    and I don’t understand how I was trapped in this situation, as I have never wanted to modify my chin!

    all I wanted was that collagen boosting shit, supposed to lift my face

    others have got destroyed their eyes because the imbeciles promise an eye brow lifting

  114. mada

    they don’t tell this therapy makes people’ faces slim
    – however, when I told the clinic who treated me that I got a big chin a couple of days after the treatment, and said that I am worried that I will grow a too big chin, they said that this therapy does not make big chins, but small chins!

    they don’t say that this therapy burns fat
    – however, 3 months after the treatment, when I said to them that I am worried I have a fat atrophy on the cheeks, they told me that usually the fat atrophy occurs in the chin!

    they tell us that this therapy is for face lifting, but in reality it is chin “tightening”
    – by burning the chin tissues

    they tell that it stimulates collagen production – even though true medical literature say that collagen production during repairing a scar is maximum 80% of the collagen before the scar

    they don’t seems to know that young people have better hydration in the skin than older people, meaning that the heat from collagen propagates in bigger amounts to the fat, therefore causing fat atrophy.

    those involved in Ulthera are animals
    – they should find their markets there where they are – people that want to burn fat on their chins
    Why do they lie to beautiful young women?
    What’s going on?!

    here are the names of the leaders from Ulthera:

    Matthew E. Likens, Gregory D. Waller, Janice Lipsky, William R. Fender, Stacie Mallen
    Suzon Lommel, Lisa Misell, Michael T. Peterson

    – criminals that should stay behind the bars

  115. tbone

    Has the most beautiful eyes. Big and bright and sparkling. Just saw surgeon. Thinks the fat behind eyes was scorched and that’s why eyes getting smaller and smaller. They can’t do anything about that . I need double ptosis surgery for the droop. When I went to another eye surgeon, 4 mos ago, they only suggested ptosis surgery in one eye. It’s just getting worse . My eyes used to be brown and now they are small and hazel like a lizard. Says to wait 6 mos. I asked about the muscle pulling. When my eyes sealed up it was painful. Extreme muscle tightening. He doesn’t know about that, just that I lost all of the structural support around the eyes . That is my only hope. That the muscle was pulled to tight and it will loosen or relax. This is is a horror movie that no one can relate to. This is the most destructive procedure in existence and surgeries will need to be developed particularly for this idiotic “skin tightening” garbage I will never see my face again I honestly don’t even know what to say.

    • tbone

      Muscle pulling was the fascia getting scorched shrunk – all immobile scar tissue. Psychological Nightmare

  116. tbone

    Sorry for my shite grammer*

  117. tbone

    Hi ladies! Thank u for your support. Keep posting and please make u r complaint with the FDA. Tomorrow I meet with a top eye surgeon. My eyes look like 2 cigarette burns. I’m afraid of losing my vision. Ultherapy is going to be on one on those commercials in the next few years…”Have u been harmed by….”This is bonkers. I’ll keep you all posted. My eye socket has shrunk 50 percent my upper lid is getting tighter and tighter. I hope this doctor gives me the paperwork to sue. I’m tired of these problems and have spent 15k so far. This isn’t right. I want my life back. I want answers. Why there aren’t any studies on the eyes and 160 degree heat is criminal. I have received so many emails. I love you all too. This is heart breaking Real Self iis a joke. There is only a few dozen MEN making money off of this and they are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their fake 67 percent success rate. Don’t kill yourselves. I dream if not existing too but u all have made me stronger. I’ll write tomorrow and give u my info. Xoxo. We’ll get these fuckers. Power in NUMBERS. T

    • V_w

      What eye surgeon did u see ?

    • janet

      I really feel for you. Its amazing what the cosmetic medical field gets away with. Real self maybe does some good, as I see alot of bad reviews on ultherapy. But they are weak on stuff too, as I was reprimanded for posting I thought a doctor was an ass hole. I was commenting on a review of a horribly botched face lift. This poor lady was disfigured by a long time practicing plastic surgeon. It was so bad she figured he had an untrained student do the procedure. He had promised he would do the surgery and the student would just observe. Her face had no lift and had all these lumps dents and incesions that were uneven and improperly closed. She had paid a ton and the doctor blew her off and wouldnt see her or help her at all. But real self removed my comment and sent me an email admonishing me for calling a name.

  118. mada

    ultherapy protocol is designed such that most energy is directed on the jaw lines – that’s why the typical look of small slim jaws.

    that’s the whole philosophy of face lift; the rest is all collagen shrikage

    help put those criminals, who are acting in the name of science and business, in the jails!!!

  119. mada

    there are for sure people who want get the fat on their faces burned. So earn money on that category of customers

    But burning fat on faces of people who don’t want that,
    by telling lies such that fat atrophy does not happen – only for a temporary collagen shrink – that’s a CRIME!!!

  120. mada

    the bureaucracy of the systems responsible to control and close Ulthera is unconceivable

    ultherapy case is the most advanced form of terror, and those involved in the ulthera business are terrorists

    don’t wait others will fight this terror group – give a helping hand, now, as soon as possible!!!

    Make donations, inform everyone you know, help bring the case to those in authority positions that can stop Ulthera.

  121. Heather Graham

    Ahem, quick edit. That was meant to be “find restorative solutions” not “so,unions”. Darn autocorrect!

    • Lisa

      Heather Graham – Can you recommend any good plastic surgeons who might be helpful? I hope you get this comment. Several of us are curious. We’ve already seen many and are just hoping to find one who is actually familiar with the machine and would be able to think outside the box? Thank you.

      • Heather Graham

        I can recommend Dr. William Wolfenden in San Francisco from personal experience. Others I’ve done my due diligence on have not done any procedures I’ve ever had, but my research has supported their work and I can PM you if you would like.

  122. Heather Graham

    Your story is harrowing, so vivid it’s visceral (which makes it even more painful to read) and written beautifully with such dark humor. I honestly think you should get it to someone in Hollywood who can pitch it to a studio who could package (cast) it with actors who have had these “non-invasive nooners” (lunch hour procedures) done. I was a producer at one time, maybe I could help with that. But I Digress, and I realize this is your face, your psyche, your career, your life and not a movie. You have validated the experience of many others, cast a spotlight on company trained “medical professionals” who just parrot the lines they were trained to say to “those rare few” who are more than unhappy and incredulous about their result. And you have literally rescued people from duplicating your experience. I fall in the last category. I am deeply moved by your raw honesty and empathize just as deeply. I am grateful to you and I know I speak for many. I hope you find restorative so,unions to the extent possible. I do know a few plastic surgeons who are actually more than facial mechanics and would be happy to refer you. Please post again as your readers care and want to know how you are faring.

    • tbone

      Thank you for your kind words. My face cannot be fixed by surgery. My face contorted, as in, all the muscles pulled out of wack from the heat and then stuck there. Everything in my face is stuck. That’s why my eyes shrank. The muscles around them kept pulling. My face went haywire. The nurse cooked me.

  123. Tuffy

    I agreed with you that it should be known as “Ugtherapy” (above). 😉

  124. Tuffy

    Thank you for your tremendous courage. I followed you on Realself and thought of you often, and have now found you on here. I shiver because your story could’ve been mine. Thank you for your candidness, vulnerability, humor and strength. No matter what happens, you still have your brilliant and beautiful inner core and light that no machine can diminish. You’re a beautiful woman!
    I’ve know two people who’ve had Ultherapy done and their faces have shrunk, jaw lines have shrunken, eyes have become less “doe” like. I came *this* close to getting it when they got theirs done but something told me not to (thank GOD-trust your instincts ladies!) I instinctively knew the Ultherapy (as it should be known now) technology couldn’t be much different from Thermage or any other deep heating treatment. HEAT BURNS/DESTROYS FAT. I even spoke of my concerns at the time about possible fat loss, but I heard the same thing “fat loss isn’t a side affect” Again, HEAT KILLS FAT CELLS! I’ve had RF treatments on my tummy. Why would I want to let that heat get anywhere near my face? I’m already thin faced so there isn’t much fat to take a chance with. You’re so right about the celebs, Renee, Uma, Kim, it’s like, who’s next? Their eyes go from prey to predator, sweet to mean., flat foreheads etc. it’s shocking! If the hockers of Ultherapy talked about the level of HEAT that’s used maybe the consumer would be better informed. They just say ultrasonic “waves”. More like microwaves.
    Just know you have a great deal of support and interest in your story and I thank you for speaking out. Apparently, they did mess with the wrong woman ;). You go girl.

  125. Ultherapy lifts is 2-D, your face will feel Firm and somewhat harder , you know when the skin is firm, it feels dense. Both treatments are very visible for young patients, you cannot wait till you have very visible jowl then the only treatment that truly works is a facelift.

  126. Kathleen

    Im curious if anyone else has tried the Voltaren gel? I asked my dermatologist for it after reading about it on here….
    For those of you that did try it, did you use it alone or were you able to moisturize or use any other products over it as well? I am desperate…..

  127. Jeri

    I was browsing through celebrity face change photos today and I am beginning to think that most of the women have done this Ultherapy. You have only mentioned a few above, but looking Courtney Cox, Sandra Bullock, Kathy Lee Gifford…this list goes on…they all have tiny eyes now and lots of fillers…..I think Ultherapy melts all the fat in your face with heat(kinda like the opposite of coolsculpt) and then they all have to get filler to replace the fat creating a whole new face…they can afford to keep this up, most others cannot! I was gonna do Ultherapy on my double chin but now coolsculpt does double chins and I think it’s a safer option….

  128. mada

    Nobody told me that it will come a time in my life, when I become the woman with the Iron Mask. I am trying so hard to get emotions expressed on my new face, and I see over and over again this strange mask.

    I am so alone. I am sorry to invade you with my messages. I am divorced, without a job, alone in a strange country, my family cannot help me. I can finally see the issue – at 44 years old, I was an easy prey for the Ulthera vampires.

    Until a couple of months ago I thought I have the future in front – I am highly educated, healthy, pretty, well built, trained, I just needed move on from my marriage and find a job. I am now in big trouble.

    I am 4 months after Ultherapy. I took a full body picture of myself last weekend. I can see the major damage on my face: my lower part of my face and chin is melted. This makes that my neck and top of the head becomes dominant. It changes totally my whole face and body proportions. All of a sudden my neck became dominant, and my face seems fat, round and small.

    I used to tide my hair up in a tail. I had to cut my hair short now. I still cannot cover the damage in a decent manner. I used to be so happy with my lower part of my face. I remember how they passed with that Ulthera transducer many times over that part of my face where I am so small now. I received 540 shoots – they say.

    I am convinced it’s best to kill myself, I just did not figure out how to do it, and I am so afraid of doing it.

    Think about those who did what they did to us, and who continue to sell their service by saying that this technology is without risks. Waiting for their next prey, while the whole world closes the eyes to our suffer and allow Ulthera to grow and grow. Think about those friends and specialists, all telling us that we look fine, while below our skin the meat have melted due to highest degree of burns. It’s all about the look. Nobody anymore care of how we feel inside, of how our souls and bodies are maimed. We just look fine. The rest is our our decision – disappear, accept our new face, fight against this strange world that keeps on having closed eyes with regard Ulthera.

    People don’t like to hear others problems. That’s why we have so hard time be heard.

    All people want to hear good things. And Ulthera is the ultimate machine to sell sweet dreams and lies. That’s why they are so famous.

    • Tosca

      Mada, my heart goes out to you. Please do not give in to the idea of killing yourself. I know how awful it can be, feeling that way (though, for me, it’s been brought on by other problems, in my case, mostly of my own devising). I was warned away from this procedure (was about to enter a study, to be a “lab rat”) by people like you sharing their experiences, so I thank you and the others who’ve been brave enough to stand up to this medical mafia. I will be thinking positive thoughts and prayers your way, and hope you can channel your righteous anger constructively outward, towards those who have earned it, and not inside. I really hope you will find strength, and be gentle with yourself. You’ve already helped me, so thank you.

  129. mada

    My chin looks flat with no contour

  130. mada

    thanks to you girl, who build this web page. It makes such a difference
    I also would like to make one web page
    we should all do that

    first of all, it’s important to keep all in contact
    it is only together we can win and get over the misery

    alone registering our small faces in the medical registers is a night mare
    even our families and friends cannot put a clear finger on our problems
    the terrorists running the Ulthera business have thrown us in a large jungle

    very important, and please remember to record your medical problem at FDA

  131. mada

    why are you all so quiet?
    I am scared to be alone

  132. Mai

    Excelllent article. I’m experiencing many of these issues as well..

  133. nicole m.

    First off, I am utterly sorry for what you are going through. Reading your story and those of others who’ve chimed in has completely changed my mind about doing this procedure EVER again.

    I’ve done is 3 times over 6 years mainly for preventative purposes, did not have ill effects or shrinking eyes. However, the fact that it is possible and happening to a certain percentage of people is enough to convince me not to gamble. Whether it’s 10% or 40% , either is too much for such severe adverse effects.

    Out of curiosity I wanted to check out where you were recieved your treatment- and was disgusted by their false claim-
    ”To date, there have been no permanent long term complications reported from the hundreds of thousands of Ultherapy treatments performed worldwide.”

    These people have no conscience.

    Sending you positive vibrations and many heartfelt thanks for not only sharing your story but going so public with it. I will share this with the clinics i go to who use that god-forsaken machine.


    PS- Kudos on your writing, girlfriend- very gripping.

    • tbone

      yup they changed and added all of this mumbo jumbo to their website…garbage about hormones and wound healing…meanwhile I’m fucking going blind! Can’t drive at night anymore. The website won’t save them because people don’t even read that stuff. No one told me there could be side effects like my face contorting and falling off and losing ALL of my beauty, my eyes shrinking and changing color, my vision going……um….guarantee the company told them to put that down. Those clowns have NO BUSINESS near a woman’s face. I’ll put my pics on line and that shit will go VIRAL.

  134. Lisa

    Can someone call me please 916-203-1604

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  137. mada

    for the record: I have also asymmetrical face and have a bigger fat atrophy on the slimmer side

  138. mada

    without Ultherapy the fat transfer business and fillers industry would have been dead
    now make sense why FDA involved

    check out the statements made by these jerks with fat faces:

    • tbone

      I can’t believe the flat out lies.,these are faces! About 50 percent of people are wrecked and they keep going. Men! Unbelievable. A doctor said the tissue looks all burned when he sees people who have done it, when he gives them facelifts. Ew. I didn’t know we were cooking out faces. They say’ gentle sound waves’ uh….until your face melts off and your eyes shrivel up. Disgusting! All of it.

  139. mada

    when you fill in the complaintwith FDA please state clearly that the heat generated by Ultherapy have in your case escaped out of the collagen layer and list the problems:

    – fat atrophy / volume loss
    – contracted tissue – frost appearance, small eyes

    Ulthera got license from FDA saying that heat does not escape collagen layer. Therefore it’s important to state clearly from beginning in your complaint the problem

    God help us all !

  140. mada

    please I urge you all to contact FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators telephone numbers are found here:

    Ulthera deletes comments that make them bad publicity from Real Self, I just noticed today how they deleted discussions from UltherapyFreak and they deleted my comments

    Ulthera will never receive any complain. It’s against the law they do this, but that’s how situation is today

    • Lisa

      mada – call me. Help me please. I feel suicidal right now. Lisa 916-203-1604 California.

    • techa

      They removed my review tooo!!!! and then changed words on my questions. They changed “thermage machine” for “skin tightening machine”, RS accepts comments that make them money and the industry going.. no matter if they damage some lives in the middle!!!

  141. mada


    could you please write in the section “advice for the Botched” the following kind of text?

    “- Since Ulthera is approved by FDA, it’s important that victims of Ulthera report their problems and complains directly to FDA .

    FDA approved Ulthera based on clinical studies which proves that fat atrophy is not a risk!
    this means that we the victims with fat atrophy / loss of volume will never officially exist, unless this risk is going to be registered by FDA, and in which case Ulthera will be forced to look into recognizing own fault”

    FDA approved Ulthera based on studies which say that the heat does not dissipate outside of the collagen layer, and does not modify other layers except collagen. In this situation, we, the victims with lack of expression on the face, will officially exist, except compplains are received by FDA, and in this case Ulthera wil be forced to look into recognizing own faul.”

  142. mada

    another useful quote from Rian A. Maercks, MD, Miami Plastic Surgeon

    “Ulthera is hyped as a face-lifting and neck tightening technology that is revolutionary because of its use of focused ultrasound that creates ridiculously high amounts of heat in tiny little spots underneath your skin. The thought is that a line of these spots will create a vector of pull or lift. Well, the results are difficult to appreciate (if you do not take a post procedure picture with an elevated chin which makes the neck appear tighter) and the long term results are just sad. The heat deep in the face must dissipate and no matter how focal energy delivery is, healthy facial fat suffers. It has been around long enough to have many patients see the horrible eyelid retraction and fat atrophy that it can cause. I see young patients in my practice, who otherwise would not need a surgical intervention, present with discontent after these treatments that need blepharoplasty and canthal suspension as well as fat grafting to restore them to reasonable aesthetics.

    Pelleve is a radiofrequency device, actually a powerful electrosurgical generator for cutting cauterizing and fulgarating tissue that for marketing reasons developed a special handpiece with lower power settings branded as a cosmetic intervention to increase market share. The results of Pelleve are sometimes even more devastating. This is because Ulthera charges doctors every time they push the button for a pulse which results in generally limited energy delivery.

    With most of these technologies one should consider themselves lucky if no result is seen because changes caused are usually negative. I encourage patients to avoid the latest name branded repackaging of last years’ disastrous technology and to find a plastic surgeon who has resisted the urge to join corporations to shake money out of patients. Many of us including myself use ultrasound, radiofrequency and other technologies under true surgical judgement and let experience and knowledge guide us to offer reasonable treatments that do not harm patients instead of following directions from sales representatives with business degrees on how to alter someones face.

    Also if you are going to let someone deliver energy near your eye, make sure they are a surgeon that understands the surgical anatomy, do’s and don’t’s, risks and potential complications. Otherwise there is no way you will avoid them!

    If you are impressed with before and after pictu
    If you are impressed with before and after pictures of a neck or face, look at the position of ear landmarks to eye landmarks, hold a straight edge to the picture and you will likely see a relatively elevated angle in the post picture that will explain any improvement. If the ears are not in the picture, well now you know why. Also be careful with lighting flash and exposure settings as well as frank manipulation.

    Be careful it is not pretty out there! ”
    Web reference:

  143. mada

    the main issue with Utherapy is burning under the skin, causing tissues changes, therefore is critical to

    contact departments specialised in burnings in respectable university hospitals and insist on investigations that can document as much as possible the case

  144. mada

    please notice that although FDA approved medical devices need to inform about risks, however Ulthera web site and clinics performing Ultherapy don’t inform before the treatment about this risk!!!

    much more, in my case, after treatment I contacted the application specialist from Ulthera regarding my fat loss, which was confirmed by other clinics, but he replayed to me that fat loss is impossible, and quoted their FDA clinical studies!!!

  145. mada

    I want to share with you this bit of information which is about fat loss which causes loss of volume:

    “Each spot of energy can be thought of as a grain of sand. Very small. But if you collect enough grains of sand, you have a beach. If Ultherapy energy is absorbed by fat beneath your skin, changes in facial volume are possible. This may represent a complication, but with the assistance of DeepSee visualization, unwanted fat may be targeted for planned volume reduction using Ultherapy.”

  146. mada

    Meg is so right in the post above:
    “why FDA sticks its nose on Ulthera, and why they don’t put a label with warning on it, based on so many complains?”

    girls, we all need to try get in contact with researchers at public universities!!!

    the only way to close down Ulthera is by having publications in the public research that can prove wrong the studies made by Ulthera and approved by FDA;

    researchers have competencies in plastic surgery – to measure, and document the ugly progress of ulthera changes in our faces

    • Lisa

      Can you call me–the blog owner and I are trying to get a lawsuit together. Lisa 916-203-1604

      • Kris

        Hi Lisa — you and I spoke the other day. I’m “Valleyford.” I am interested in joining you guys in pursuing action. At the VERY least there needs to be FDA warnings that disclose the side effects many many people are reporting. NONE of us were in a position to make an informed decision. You and I were specifically MIS-informed. It’s wrong.

        • Erinn steingold

          I want to join the class action please let me know how

        • Erinn steingold

          I want to join the class action please let me know how to contact you

  147. mada

    great job you do by building this web site

    the internet is full of web sites that promote ultherapy, and there is a need for more sites like you who inform people of damages provoked by Ultherapy

    maybe make so that people can find your web site easily searchable by looking on Google ?

  148. mada

    I am another victim of Ultherapy.
    I have worked in high tech companies, with FDA approvals, one of them producing ultrasound scanners for classical use, such as check of pregnancy.

    They tell Ultherapy is FDA approved. Therefore I got convinced I want to get this treatment on my face. I trusted FDA, I am now disgusted of FDA.

    Nobody informed me in advance that this ultrasound is so modified in respect to classical ultrasound technology that can burn tissue at so high temperatures!
    They tell this is just classical ultrasound.

    after getting the Ultherapy, I started little by little to understand what all this shit is about. Unbelievable.

    doctors invest in Ultherapy, and once they are confronted with complains from people like us, they are limited in sending the complain further to Ulthera, as Ulthera does everything to keep telling that there are no side effects, bla.bla which they back up with their FDA clinical approved studies.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking the side of doctors – all I am saying, is, don’t believe we can erase from the face of Earth this Ulthera company by spending our efforts in fighting with doctors in clinics.

    I am convinced that the only way to fight Ulthera is by making TV programs that inform population about what this in reality is about. This will not only help people make informed decision before putting themselves at the risk of Ultherapy, but it will create our group of fighters against Ulthera bigger.

    Only by becoming a bigger group we can win.

    Those clinical studies approved by FDA, which by the way studies are done not by true researches and research methods, but by some pseudo researchers who have interest in start-ups and not in science, are hard to be proved wrong – unless we become a larger group of people.

    Proving that what Uthera is wrong is going to be like fighting back Hitler and his holocaust.

    Meanwhile, we the victims, we need to trust ourselves, because most people around ourselves are too blind and lazy to make the efforts to understand the situation we are in.

  149. Nikki

    I’m scared. I had Ultherapy 4 days ago. It was the most painful thing I have ever done. I also have paralysis on one part of my bottom lip. I had my entire face done. My face is supposed grow back collagen and muscle. Shouldn’t I take in more protein if I’m trying to regrow muscle? What should I do to help collagen grow? My face was thin before. I’m scared I will become skeletor.

    • tbone

      Hey Nikki don’t trip. 50 percent of people are “non-responders” my treatment didn’t hurt that much and my results were DRASTIC. I literally look like a different person. Different eye color, shape, expressions, facial structure. EVERYTHING. It’s the creepiest procedure in the world. This is bonkers! I’m doing my best here, website and forms. My friend was really swollen and banged up and she had no result. Don’t trip out. God willing this won’t happen to you.

    • Lisa


    • Sickatheart

      I’m scared now too. Just had mine done AGAIN 4 days ago. I wish I had seen these reviews before. After a bad experience I just started checking. We trust these people and all it is to them is a money game.

  150. For latest information you have to go to see world wide web and on web I found this web page as a finest site for newest updates.|

  151. tbone

    Also my eyes have changed color and there is less pupil and depth ( melanin) in the iris. I will be posting a class action lawsuit form. Stay tuned.

  152. Jennyct

    Yes, I hate to say it, but Ultherapy melted my face too. I had a very round face which gave me a younger look. I was worried about a saggy jowl, and it made things worse. Yes, I am sick to my stomach. Looking at my old photos, I looked 10 years younger. Any ideas on how to improve? More fillers? Argghh

    • tbone

      Hi Jennyct. How far along are you? Having no fat ages you, but whay is causing everyone to look old is the eyes. Did your eyelids come down? Even slightly? That’s the kicker. The “weary” upper lid and less sclera ( white) showing. Don’t do anything for a year. My fillers burst at the seams month 7. So….i had them all melted. Cost me 1500 for that. This machine is something out of the Twilight Zone. See my other page for the memes I’ve made and let’s circulate them on the intenet. We need a class action lawsuit. I’ll have a form put on this blog w contact info and a brief blurb about your side effects. Document EVERYTHING.

      • Kris

        Hi Lisa — you and I spoke the other day. I’m “Valleyford.” I am interested in joining you guys in pursuing action. At the VERY least there needs to be FDA warnings that disclose the side effects many many people are reporting. NONE of us were in a position to make an informed decision. You and I were specifically MIS-informed. It’s wrong.

    • Lisa

      Jennyet – please call me 916-203-1604. i want to know if you have found anything to improve.

      • lasersnomore

        This happened to me 4 years ago with a doctor in Atlanta. It melted my face and neck. I’ve been a model for many years and couldn’t be satisfied with just looking good. I believed the hype and wanted to stay ahead. Awful ruin! Sculptra in the hands of a very skilled and highly experienced physician restored my face. The neck can’t be helped but is not as important. Try Scultra.

    • Sickatheart

      This is exactly what happened to me. My round face is gone. I look so haggard now. I guess I should have appreciated it. Now I regret it so bad. I just wanted some tightening. Had no idea it would destroy the tissues.

  153. tbone

    Hi Julia, ultherapy had me shut down on Real Self. Look at the old reviews from 2012! They used to call the doctors and have the doctors call their patients to try to make them take down their bad reviews. Also ANY complaint you make to Ultherapy in AZ, is given to your doctor, who makes up a big excuse to ultherapy and CASE CLOSED. That way they can say….”we’ve never had a report of so and so” which keeps the cycle of bullshit going round and round! That Dr. Mike Lafkas is a squirmy worm with bad hair plugs who erased my before pics! Ah ….thay feels good…. Ok FAT TRANSFER…how far out are you? I think we will change for a good 2-3 years. I know a gal who did ultherapy and then went to fat injections, and that was a whole nother mess. One tiny millimeter of fat in the wrong place really distorts you and then you will be caught up in that monkey business, on those message boards, and in that club. I have no fat on my face, or fillers and small pulled eyes
    Trust me, I’m tempted, but realize we cooked our face to almost 160 degrees, destroying every live cell and tissue we have, and then OUR body was supposed to put it all back together , like some genius beauty drone. It sounds so ridiculous, I don’t know where to begin. Barbaric to say the least. I am going to go the homeopathic route for a year. Also I am looking into PRP, but curious if they can go deep into the tissues or even SMAS layer of the face. New protocols will need to be developed with this new generation of burn victims. I’m making some pretty funny memes, stay tuned!!!

  154. JuliaB

    Thank you so much!!!!!! Funny, sad, courageous review.

    I sent you a message on Realself because for some reason on your review specifically, I can’t post a comment.

    I have a question though:
    What are your thoughts on fat transfers? Would you ever do that? I’m considering fat transfers after ultherapy melted the fat off my face, but I’m wondering if it’s just another risk to put on the list.

    I’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts!!!

    Thanks again!

    • mada

      they will tell you that fat grafting is permanent
      it is not

      stem cells in nowadays technology are a rarity
      as a result, most cells will die after some 1- 2 years, resulting in unpredictability, and you will get asymmetrical face, etc, which requires over and over again interventions, and you may end up much worser

      plus many other complications

    • Lisa

      Julia – Can you contact me please regarding fat grafing?

  155. tbone

    Hi guys. 8 mos anniversary. I look like I flew through a windshield. I was beautiful. Things really took a turn for the worse. My face swelled up beyond . I had to see surgeons who are AGAINST ultherapy . Apparently my fillers over the last 6 years, melted and disloged all over my face. They became huge and we’re popping out of my face, bubbling under the surface like a pizza. . I looked like I had major edema. I’m working with someone and I go in daily and she melts it. Day 6 in a row now. What will I look like in 2 mos? I shudder to know. I looked distorted . Please know any fillers ypu had, even 10 ago can melt. I did these fillers before AND after, so don’t listen to the BS. I am a monster and I was revered for my looks my entire life. I’ve thought about taking my life too many times to count. I just can’t take this anymore. I feel like a freak. Thanks Ultherapy and Aesthetic Laser Care.

  156. Vicky

    Any news from the doctors u seen ? ? U haven’t posted in realself

  157. tbone

    RealSelf is trying to shut me down bc I recommended Voltaren Gel and the pills. I am NOT a doctor, but in 3 days I got 15 percent of my looks back. Mind you , I lost about 60 percent , so I’m not cured by any stretch, but it’s giving me HOPE. This is a prescription, so talk to your doctor. I’ve BEGGED the medical community for help and NOTHING. I had to be the Nancy Drew of Ultherapy and I will NOT give up helping myself, and other women, and, I will continue to spread the word, that ultherapy is unpredictable and can ruin your life. Do you really want to throw pasta at the wall and see of it sticks? That’s all ultherapy is. Crap shoot, to say the least. Please like my Facebook Page “Ultherapy Ruined My Face” and let’s stop these animals from raking in the dough while we cry in our pillows everyday.

    • mada

      Why are you conviced that Voltaren is giving the face back?
      please explain
      I know that anti inflammatory will give the face the peace to repair better
      but here the problem is not collagen, that will relax back in shape, but fat cell that are dead for ever?

      • Sickatheart

        I was wondering the same thing since I just had this done. I’m freaking out now.

  158. tbone

    *anti inflammatory

  159. tbone

    Hi ladies. I know, it’s like a fast moving horror film. Recently I have been using Voltaren Gel 1 percent and it’s helping. Get It from your doctor and put it on your face. It’s an inflammatory. They tried to shut me down on Real Self. I can t post any updates for some reason, and the success rate of Ultherapy went from 60% to 67% in one day. LOL. Merz pharmaceuticals and Ultherapy has a LOT of money riding on this tinker toy machine and are dependent in Real Self, and I am MAKING WAVES. They are sending their goons after me. I have a Facebook page now , please like my page “Ultherapy Ruined My Face” I am not letting these creeps do this to us without a fight. We have to wait a year before we can do surgery because we will keep morphing, but what can we do? Get a head transplant? It is a SIN to do this to women. They will make their money, ruin faces, and then bail. Please keep putting your voice out there on Real Self and Yelp your clinic. . This will stop doctors from buying the machine. Much love xoxo

  160. I am so sad to read what has happened to you. I will NEVER do this and I will share this story with all of my similarly aged girlfriends. I sincerely hope and know that things WILL get better in due course. Sadly there is no easy fix, just patience and maybe some SOLID second/third/fourth medical opinions from only suitably qualified facial plastic surgeons? Such a nightmare. I guess we go to medical professionals for guidance, never once thinking that we may be putting ourselves out there like “guinea pigs” after all they are the qualified medicos. Right?!

    Best wishes

    • tbone

      Thank you so much. This has been so hard
      I went from skinny fat loss face to now “collagen growth” all over. I have a fat face with no contour now and it keeps going. This is unacceptable. I will get several opinions. Thanks for your support

  161. Meg

    I follow you on RealSelf and we have chatted. I would give my story here also, but I really don’t have to – because the results from ultherapy you describe are so identical to mine it is scary. Also, besides the same physical changes, emotionally I have been in a nightmare as well. Even my marriage is suffering because I don’t feel like myself anymore and it is hard to pretend to feel sexy when your attractiveness is destroyed and you look like a different person. My hope is that many will visit RealSelf as well as this website and choose “NO” to ultherapy. I literally feel sick now when I see these already beautiful people considering this procedure. How could any practitioner risk destroying someone’s natural attractiveness for a quick buck! It’s like selling your soul to the devil! They know what it can do, but as you said above, they ignore it, like it doesn’t exist. There is too much money involved here and they are blinded by greed. And I hate how patients who have horrible results from cosmetic procedures are ignored and even made fun of! Is it because they are predominantly female? Or is it because we are being too “VAIN” by using our own money we worked hard for to help look a little better? This is a BILLION dollar industry! People are getting rotten rich from us, but they all run when there’s a screw-up. And why does the FDA stick their nose in approving devices and procedures when they also won’t do crap to help either? Their labeled approval of the device is what really made me feel safe about having it done! Are they going to put out a warning from the negative reports they are receiving? Ugh, I am so disgusted over this. I am really considering getting some of my horrifying photos together and maybe sharing them on a person-to-person basis if it will help change someone’s mind. I don’t want to post on Realself because you can’t remove them and I don’t want these embarrassing photos all over the internet.

    • Tbone

      I know. They kicked me off of Real Self for ‘vulgar language”…I’m like….I’m having a nervous breakdown and these Ultherapy sales reps are harassing me, calling me insane, even after I showed pictures. …what do you want me to say. They are ALL in bed together. Real Self and Ultherapy. I am a VERY persistent person, and will damage their reputation.

      • Sickatheart

        But what can be done? These people that do the procedures I think believe the hype or just wanting to pay for their 100k machine. The lady that did mine went on and on about how much she paid for it. Could be why she charged me double what I see others have paid. I’m so sick right now.

    • Lisa

      Meg – Please contact me. I could really use someone to talk to…..Lisa 916-203-1604

    • Lisa

      meg. can you contact us please. We need your help.

      • Meg

        I am just seeing all this action! This is great that we are coming together. I will call you next week.

    • Sickatheart

      I am thankful for all the reviews. I also know now why I look worse. I had it done exactly one year ago and like an idiot I just did it again BEFORE seeing all these reviews.

      I just thought having a stressful past year just aged me really bad. But in one year my face looked like it has aged 10 years. I am trying to get my before pics, but so far I cannot get them to send them to me. But I have my own pics of course. My face has always been somewhat plump, but I am a thin person. Now my skin hangs on my face and my nasal folds are super deep and I have those ugly marionette lines where j had none before. Now…..after reading all these reviews I am scared what I will look like at the end of another year. Plus I was told that the other technician just did not know what they were doing. Then I paid even more money than I did for first one. OMG. I feel so stupid.

  162. ivana

    Im really sorry about what happened to you.
    You should consider becoming a plastic surgeon as you have an excellent eye for detail and understand that the end result should be the person looking more beautiful and not just focus on lines etc.
    Theres too many plastic surgeons and dermal injectors out there who produce unattractive results and don’t have an excellent aesthetic eye.
    As long as the person is slightly less wrinkly or less sag they think they have done a good job but the focus should be on overall harmony,aesthetics,balance and creating beauty.
    The person doing the treatment should treat the “patients” face as if it were his/her own and only produce the high standards that they would want for their own face.

    • tbone

      Yes. I’m amazed at some famous plastic surgeons, posting ultherapy results, and it’s clear the woman’s beauty was stolen , although her skin is firmer. I think most surgeons and injectors are in the wrong profession.

  163. Vicky

    I’m sorry .. This is the same thing that happened to me … Good looking girl now look like a ugly version of myself . I too have a weird looking eye… It’s devistating to look at myself . I can’t talk to my family cause they think I’m crazy .. They tell me Im just aging lol.. But we know our faces better than anyone and I know something big changed when I got this treatment . going insane and understand your agony .. All I can do is add fillers , And I have . but my face is looking off more each day . I’m gonna see a derm tomorrow to see if she recommends more fillers .. Just wanted to add ,this is my second time .. The first time it wasn’t too bad cause I had more fat to spare so I didn connect the dots .. But now I know it’s this nasty machine that ruined me ..I’m 3 months out and so scared of the rest 9 months .. I really hope our faces bounce back past the year .if not u can try gaining some weight .. I recently started a diet and notice the gaunt face more ., wasnt as bad when I had gained weight . What a nightmare . Good luck … Ps… I noticed the women that do it too . Like u said when u go thru it u know who has done it .. If only all this women knew.. I think half don’t even realize what caused them to look different .

    • Tbone

      Hi there. Careful with fillers because at 3-4 months I had NO FAT. Now I have “collagen growth” which is just scar tissue, all over my cheeks, and huge bags under my eyes. The face will morph for about 9 months, from skinny to fat etc so don’t do anything too permanent. Today I bought Emu oil and I feel it’s helping. I just want my big eyes back. I can’t go with beady eyes from having big sexy eyes. NO doctors will address this. I can’t get help on this from anyone. I’m starting to think that it burned the fat behind the eyeball, so the eyes are deeper into my skull. This technology is so ridiculous the more I think about it. They have NO idea and NO way to control where you are going to “grow collagen”. They just shrink your head and your fat and your tissues. That’s not youthful. A big face, with facial fat, and big eyes is youthful. Idiots! Try as many anti-inflammatories as you can, tumeric, etc to slow down the process. Hang in there xoxox

      • Lisa

        Thron – Can you contact me please. I need help. Thank you

      • Sally

        Hi thanks for sharing your experience, I feel that I’m experiencing similar results as I also have a small face to begin with. I too regret having done similar procedure and I am 1-month in. May I ask, what kind of anti-inflammatories can be used for the face, and why in theory that would help? I really need help, May I contact you directly. Thanks.

    • tbone

      Honestly, I think 9/10 people look worse. Most people don’t notice their faces too much and see some tightening around the jaw and are happy. They haven’t noticed their expression is different or their eyes are smaller. I had a real innocence to my look, big doe eyes and high sharp cheekbones. I’d be mistaken for late 20′ early 30’s. Now I look like should be carrying a switchblade. A real mean old bitch who has had a tough life. I’m not mad at myself for being greedy. I had no idea this little “painful facial” could change every single aspect of my face. I was lied to. I’m basically hiding out at my mother’s house in Florida because I’m an actor and LA is small. Uma and Renee. Ultherapy! People don’t become “unrecognizable ” from fillers or Botox or good plastic surgeons, which these women have access too. It’s the uglifier. ..UGTHERAPY. They probably did it several times before they figured it out, and your looks dissipate day by day. I’m like… I was so hot last Tuesday. It’s THAT fast of a decline. Terrifying! !!! Keep me posted about your experience. Careful on fillers cuz after the 6 mos. Collagen will build (in the most unflattering of places). I can’t even believe a machine like this exists. Keep spreading the word. The smartest surgeons don’t use it in their offices. I’m going to see Dr Pastorek , top NYC surgeon next week. My face hasn’t stopped morphing, so I’m not sure what he can do. I also have to dig up pictures from a few mos before my treatment and am going to need a sedative to do that. I look like a different person. Hang in there Xoxo

    • tbone

      Sp true. I’m almost month 8. Now I m growing all of this collagen on the bottom of my face and my skin is pulling so tight , the fillers under my eyes are literally forced to bulge out. I’m going to try to get it melted. It’s not comfortable either. My eyes are still dry, and my skin is tight as is muscles on skull. They basically fry you and hope for the best. The technology is so elementary of you think about it. How is the machine going to know where you grow collagen and lose fat? It’s not a drone. I cannot believe they are passing this thing off. Let me know how it goes.

    • Lisa

      Vicki – can you call me. Lisa 916-203-1604

    • Lisa

      Vicky – Can you call me 916-203-1604, please



      • Kim Lesser

        There is a risk with almost all cosmetic procedures…while this particular patient had a really bad result, I have to question the physician, technique and equipment or other procedures. I have personally had Ultherapy, twice with the actual machine and transducer with a certified ARNP that had ultherapy training and had zero side effects. I got the lift I wanted and yes it does hurt, but was given medication to ease the pain.

    • tbone



  164. Bertha of valdez

    Thank u.

    • Sickatheart

      I had it done 2 times. The second I did it I was talked into it by a doctor who said I just did not have it done properly the first time. Like an idiot I did it again. I told her that I believed that the Ultherapy did not help me at all, but actually made me look much older. She promised I would look a lot better and I did not need to have any invasive surgery done on my face. Well……Then I started researching and seen all these complaints. I got so sick because I was right the first time. So now I will probably look even worse in a year because of the stupidity of myself again.

      My face was very full and roundish. It is sagging and hollow looking niw. It’s like the fat just melted away from under my skin. My eyes are baggy and look so much worse too. I have wrinkles now around and under them where I NO wrinkles a year ago.

      No way can anyone convince me now that this procedure is BAD.

      I went to see a plastic surgeon and he said I needed eye surgery and a face lift now. Ok. So…….what did Ultherapy do for me????! Nothing but ruin my face and take a huge amount of money. So……I know I made the decision to do it, so those who want to ridicule me, go ahead. I feel bad enough already. So it makes no difference. I just want to warn others from making this horrible mistake.

      • tbone

        No one will ridcule you. This is not Real Self with fat ugly Cheeto eating, self loathing wart hogs, who are paid to ridicule us. Fill out the class action form, its up and running.

        • Skeletor

          Real self has been helpful, but there are some on that site that make me want to puke. All they do is PROMOTE ultherapy. I had an awful experience just today with yet another unethical PS that scammed me. Omg. I cannot wait to get on here and name all these low life’s that do this. I am playing their waiting game first. Then it will be game on. Sick and tired and seeing and hearing all these poor women getting their faces ruined by thus stuff and no one will help. Thank you for making this site. At least I know I will not be blocked or kicked off for telling the TRUTH!! The on,y reason I got SAVED from my eyes getting MORE butchering is because a brave soul posted an honest review about her experience with a doctor I had a future appt to see. I just happened to think I better research him. Wala! All these great reviews, but I looked for any bad ones. I checked it out. Seen her pics and talked to her. Then later I heard horrible stories about him. She saved me. So I am paying it forward and warning people to RUN from ultherapy! My face is pointed at end now. I have no face left there anymore. Much like the face posted on this site. I ended up having to get eye surgery because it destroyed my eyes. I am healing slowly. But I will never ever look the same again. My face is gone. It’s not MY face anymore. It melted off and left remains of it. Yes. I am lucky I still even have a face. But wow. I look at my pics and long for my old face back. It was not great or perfect or even beautiful, but it was mine and it was healthy. Now everyday it looks different. To make it FEEL better I have found that using emu oil and doing cupping therapy helpers it. You just have to do it gently and let the cup glide quickly on the skin. The more suction you do the better it feels, but you cannot do that or it will leave hickies. But it feels good. Lol. Just be careful. The skin is already damaged. We must baby it now.

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