Hi guys,

I am giving you an update as a few people have emailed me. I am still alive, by dumb luck. As many of you know I had a lethal systemic reaction, that it turns out that all I needed was drugs for.

I am working on a systemic laser death recipe that could have saved my life, and I believe many of the women who have died, and are dying from Fraxel.

If any of you have shocks in your face, brain, and have lost control of your face, have felt electricity in your brain and face, are suffocating, or burning alive or left incapacitated, please see a neurologist.

My life and face could have been saved w a bottle of 5 dollar tablets at the drug store.


I have a long long recovery ahead of me. Timing was paramount, and I should not have stayed in this inhumane situation for 2 hours, nevermind 2 years.

I would never put a microwave on my face, knowingly.

I was duped and left to die.

Thank you for your prayers and wishes.

Peace be with you.