Have you been harmed by Ultherapy? You are not the only one. Here are quotes from around the internet.

Same happened to me . I look like a different person than a mere 6 mos. Ago. Please ladies do not do this. I was a babe with big sexy eyes. I am ruined. I’m in shock and heavily medicated.

Unfortunately, I had the same experience. My results, however, continued to deteriorate. As the months went by, I continued to lose fat. No firming, in fact I think my problem areas sag more due to loss of volume. I had a longer face to begin with, and loss of volume was my biggest fear. I was assured this would not happen. Since I had my procedure, I’ve read many reviews complaining of loss of volume. My eyes also look smaller, but I cannot figure out why. I don’t believe my eyelids have retracted, and if they had it seems as if that would actually make them look bigger. I do want to point out that I had my procedure done at a reputable plastic surgeons office, and they actually train other people how to use the device. I don’t want anyone to think it’s just the practitioner. I’ve also looked at a lot of after pic’s and I also see the “shrunken” look a lot. Not always, but often. I want people to understand it is a very real possibility that they will lose fat/volume and if they are at all concerned about that, do not do the procedure.

Hi Chrissie, thanks for your comment. If I can help just one person avoid this procedure, then I know writing this review is worth it. If you look closely at many of the before and after pictures, you’ll notice what I think looks like a “shrinky dink” effect – almost like the faces were baked in an oven and came out kind of shrunken looking, just like those shrinkydinks kids used to play with back in the day. I think this is really exactly what is happening to our faces with this magical technology they are charging us so much money for – it’s getting baked and shrunken. Disgusting!!

1 year, 5 months later DONT RISK IT
The Ultherapy paralysis still remains slightly visible when speaking and resting. One side of my mouth droops slightly and I try to hide it with lipstick compensating the droop, however, you can certainly see it when I speak in video. Really sad I went down that road and never got the results of plumping up my collagen in any area. Wish I was able to get my money back, very expensive with horrifying results.

Six months later I’m $2,500 poorer and saggier.

AWFUL… you can read my other posts. I don’t care that Ultherapy says this SHOULD not happen. One is enough. I researched this thoroughly and am told the machine malfunctioned or my Dr made an error? who cares when I have 2 holes on my cheek. ??Emotionally this has been a nightmare. I am going for a second derm opinion.

Biggest mistake ever
I look 10 years older
Ultherapy is not good never had these bags worst I have ever looked
I saw some improvement under my neck but not what I expected
Looked great for a few weeks now just getting worse
Don’t do it it’s a mistake
Please trust me

I stayed 10 days with a bad bruising under one eye because of a blood vessel which has burst Absolutely no result after 4 months waiting ..
Maybe even worse than before because i can see that under my eyes that it’s a little more “hollow” than before.
Very expensive / no result = i wont recommend that procedure for under eyes area.

My face has continued to deteriorate and now my eyes seem to be affected. I have no idea why but my eyes look half open and much smaller now. I am very concerned and am going to have to see an ocular ps now. For a long time I was shocked when I looked in the mirror, now sadly I am getting used to my new appearance. I can’t begin to explain how difficult this has been.

I have good skin and had a full face with high cheek bones. This procedure removed fat and destroyed my full cheeks. My left cheek has a flat spot with little spider veins showing up. There is no fat left under my eyes. My face looks terrible and have not fgured out what to do to try an correct the damage. I was never warned that this could happen.

really horrible reaction i have blood on both jaws my eye is also pooled with blood i cannot believe the reaction i am not on any medicine i would love to send picture i called the nurse who performed it so far no response i will put it on Facebook BEWARE it was done in houston market place ideal image.

I had Ultherapy about 1.5 months ago and I definitely have fat loss, especially under eyes and cheeks. I filled a complaint with Ulhera and they investigating it with my provider.

This procedure may ruin your life. It certainly won’t make you happy so don’t do it. I don’t know how it is O.K to lie to vulnerable people but i learned my lesson. The best result will be nothing. Because any change it makes to your face will be detrimental. Your face is naturally symmetrical. You age almost symmetrically which means that although you look older, you have the same character, the same look. This device interferes with your face in a very haphazard way, and maybe it does stimulate collagen (or melts fat) but what it does it does not do symmetrically. So your face will just not look right anymore. symmetry is one of the keys to an attractive face old or young, so don’t risk your face as i did with this nonsense..