Ultherapy Class Action Lawsuit

If you have been damaged by Ultherapy, please see the legal resources below:

Harman Law LLC

Capstone Law APC

Please help spread the word to anyone you know who has been damaged.




  1. Kristen Olsen

    I had ultherapy in August 2016. I look like a skeleton. Not seeing any positive results. Sagging jowl line now and hallow eyes. My technition said my eyes look more open. Ummm no they don’t . Will this correct itself or will I continue to look freakish. I’m so sad with my decision to try this procedure, I gave a new client a business card and he said who’s on your card , I said me, he said no way , how long ago was that taken. My heart sank it was taken exactly one year before my procedure. I’ve aged considerably. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. LYNNE

    I too had a bad experience with ultherapy. I’m interested in a class-action lawsuit, but I’m wondering about this website and who is putting together and what will come of it. If I could please get some information about you, your credentials, and what you plan to do with our information, I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. Paula

    This is horrific. I look 10 years older. I had Ultherapy to neck and complete face in 2015. The natural fat in my face is gone and I am sagging with large droopy bags under my eyes. My skin is shallow looing, it has no glow. At first I could not figure out why I was suddenly aging so quickly, now I know. My youthful look has completely vanished. To think I paid 3 thousand dollars for this?!

    • Jenny

      You described my case exactly so sad I hope justice comes to us and this madness ends!

  4. R

    Thank you for providing me with info about Stemaid. So far, that has been the ONLY thing that’s helped my dying eyeballs after my Ultherapy nightmare. You’re a godsend. Xox

  5. jenn

    I had Ultherapy almost 2.5 years ago and it has damaged my face. I finally filled out the class action lawsuit form today. I have looked at it many times. I am embarrassed to look like this and am equally embarrassed that I did it to myself. I hope we can get a class action going. I don’t have any idea where to begin to fix any of the damage done, but I hope we can can get our money recouped from the procedure and get something additional to put toward putting the pieces of our faces back together again. Have you started any treatment?

  6. Sylvia

    I did this to myself! Twice! But it’s a radio frequency machine. I bought a salon quality cavitation machin for my stomach. It has these tripolar & bipolar heads for the face. Now I get headaches all the time, I have dents on my eyebrows where fat has melted. My eyes are changing shape & smaller. My eyelids are sagging & have deep hallows under my eyes & veins showing. My cheeks got flat. & they are getting tighter. I got fillers a month ago but I need more. I’m Just afraid to do more.
    All these horror stories made me remember something I had completely forgotten. My face went through an awful transformation 3 years ago after I got Botox. I was baffled & I was convinced it was a combination of a very stressful period in my life, and menopause. Now I realize it was that damn lady that did the Botox. After I complained of an ugly joker smile she rand the “heat machine” over my lower face. My face complete completely morphed into an unrecognizable person. My friends & family were very concerned. They saw the difference. It wasn’t me! I slowly regained volume in my face but never got back my round full face. But I am now convinced this woman did Rf on me without even telling me what it was. I don’t even know what type of machine she used. I am now soon scared of what’s in store for me. I made an appointment with an eye specialist to check for damage. I had accupuncture & going back for more. I’m afraid of going into a depression because I hate how my looks are changing yet again. How can I join a class action suit if I’m not sure of the machine?

  7. Nancy

    Got Ulthera in Dec 2015 that was incredibly painful. Large raised welts and burns down my neck. It is now March and I have scars in the shape of lines going down my jaw and neck. I look like a crime victim. I wish I was kidding.

  8. barb

    Thank god this is moving forward! The damage inflicted by this machine is criminal. They must be stopped.

  9. Gopherface

    Does anyone know if there is anyway to REVERSE this damage????

  10. tbone

    Omg checl out these before and afters. Botch job. And these are the good ones lol

    • mada

      that small chin and general loss of volume – that’s due to fat loss and not due to collagen tightening

  11. tbone


    Like my Facebook page! Let’s get these corporate scum socks!!!

  12. tbone

    I am making a short documentary about my face contorting, eyes shrinking and face melting off for 6 mos staight. I’m still tightening on my forehead. That’s what made me so ugly. Small pulled beady eyes. I went to the ER last night AGAIN. This psychological stress of this is going to give me a heart attack. I had prehypertension 135 blood pressure. I have never been over 95. I got muscle relaxants, praying that will stop this tightening. I want off this ugly train.

    If anyone wants to be involved in the film in anyway possible, helping with Fund Me, or camera work, being in the film, or the Change.org campaign, email


  13. tbone

    Call and leave a message at 310.386.9034 let’s get the class action going. This is disgusting.

    • Teresa

      What can I do to help? I am going through this nightmare too.

  14. Jenny

    Life is not what it used to be. I need to know what others are doing to keep from going insane. We need a Class Action Lawsuit to close down Ulthera. And, I agree what the heck was the FDA thinking? Who bought them off? Please fill me in on what’s happening with the lawsuit. Thanks

    • tbone

      Hi guys is the form up top working? My face is demolished. Eyes are tiny . I’m down to get these monsters. Can u email me at ultherapysucks@gmail.com

    • tbone

      File FDA complaint

      Call the better business Bureau in AZ about Ultherapy

      File with the board of your state…medical or nursing board. They will do an investigation against them

      Yelp against the clinic

      Leave real self review

      Are we exhausted yet?

      Jesus christ. I never thought people would be as low to put this destructive shit box machine on the market, esp considering the horrifc life altering reviews. I’m barely functioning. Science experiment on my face for 6 mos that left my beauty less. What the FUUUUUUCK

    • tbone

      Hi. Jenny email me. I am in the ER a,lot. That’s how I’m coping pfffft

  15. Erinn

    I had it in December along w proof of where the FDA approved is safe
    My dr did the procedure in areas that are not FDA approved
    I have spent months trying to get answers
    Cannot get them

  16. Erinn

    Has anyone began the class action ?

  17. Lisa

    Nose is even changing shape. Huge hollows under eyes when I didn’t have those before.

    • Gopherface

      My nose feels pinched when I smile and everyday it feels worse. I am scared to death. Its been almost a month since I had it done. I had it done a year ago, too. But this time its BAD. I was told that NO WAY could Ultherapy hurt my face like this!!!

      My face is shrinking , but my skin is not.

  18. mada

    I have got Ultherapy 30 of May 2015 in Copenhagen Denmark.
    I am available any time, if more information needed on me at the email address from above

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